Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A busy day

6/13/07 Wednesday
It’s humid outside as all the moisture from the last few days makes it’s way back into the atmosphere. I went out and Dippel dusted the corn and beans, pulling a few weeds in the process. Found some different recipe’s for insecticide soap that I want to try. There was a mention about how only certain soaps really work well. Nuts. I would rather make my own to save money and on principle so I’ll have to learn what is correct.

Cherie is rushing to get ready for us to take the puppies to the vet. She is ecstatic about how much easier and quicker it is to get her hair ready. “Look at my hair. Isn’t it cute. It’s already done” she said with a huge smile as I walked past the bathroom. Works for me.

It will be a busy day and I hope I stay fairly sharp. I didn’t sleep at all last night and finally took one of the over the counter sleep aids at 3:00 this morning. Didn’t phase me so I stayed awake and eventually heard Cherie’s phone alarm as did the puppies also. Then it was “Whine, Whine” scratch at the door of the puppy room to greet us. Got to go to the vet now.
Jimmy Patterson just left. Oh how talking with someone stimulates my mind and how I love it when that happens. He was here about an hour and a half and regretted having to make another appointment but we covered a lot of ground. He will be having a photographer come out to take some pictures later. What did we talk about? Our lives are so rich with stories there was no way to cover it all but mostly he focused on the love story and how brain injury was an integral part of it.

When Jimmy left my mind was racing with things to write and do but now it is drained a little so I might need to rest a bit. He asked if I could E mail him with any other information I could think of and there will be. I want to send him stuff about brain injury in order to help raise awareness of TBI. Think I’ll nap a little and gather thoughts later. That’s right, I didn’t get any sleep last night so that’s why I am so tired.
It is 3:34 and I am waking from a fitful sleep. I am a little slow, running a 5 on the bob scale. Also a little short as I ask Cherie what she has planned and also what I need to be doing. When I am slow I just want simple answers to simple questions and Cherie, in trying to cover all the bases starts reading into what I ask. Example: When I asked “Did I eat?” she says yes and asks if I am hungry. She caught that as she knows I don’t feel the sensation of hunger then starts detailing how she would heat up something for me. I just simply don’t remember if I ate and want to make sure I did.

There is so much I am processing regarding the interview and impending newspaper article on us. The comprehension I have regarding the power such an article can have spurs me to think on what information to send to Jimmy. I see this as an opportunity to increase awareness and perhaps understanding of traumatic brain injuries. But there is also the inspirational story of the love Cherie and I have and how our marriage was restored. So here I am trying to write the story for Jimmy, go figure. Jimmy asked if I had a job or was able to work. That is a hard question to answer in some ways but I think I did well. But it got me thinking. One of the things I can do is write so perhaps I should pursue something in that arena.

Went to the Wednesday night dinner thing at the first church of Stanton. Been thinking about going for a while but wasn’t sure how I would be received. Still I didn’t want to just disappear or something and just lose all contact cause there are some good folks there. Peggy invited me to sit at their table. There was hardly anyone there, I suppose cause it’s summer or something. Talked with pastor Dave afterwards and brought up how I didn’t understand why we didn’t seem to feel accepted or something like that. He said he didn’t know what to tell me. We talked about squash, the garden, and he knows about the puppies so I suppose that means he reads the blog. It is nice to think he cares enough to do so. I let him know that he could stop and visit anytime he wanted. Dave also knows we are going to the first church of Midland. I told him we have been befriended by some folks who met us on the blog and invited us there.

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