Wednesday, August 15, 2007

8/15/07 Wednesday
Went to the VA hospital for my appointment. It’s official, I’m still here. We checked to see if they have our address right and told them how we aren’t getting the letters they send. We will keep an eye on that. Might have them send a letter just to see if it arrives. Something’s not right somewhere. They say the letters are going out.

With that done we came home and I jumped right on staining the cabinet after filling the nail holes and sanding it. That went well. No glitches though I did find things I missed doing yesterday despite trying to be slow, careful, and thorough. It just wasn’t a good day. After this stain dries for a minimum of six hours I’ll be able to put the finish on. That will be around seven tonight. Then this project will finally be finished.

I looked at the garden this morning. It’s sad. Been focusing on the cabinet and worked on the apple trees so this is the first time I’ve looked at it. The puppies have trashed a full seventy percent of the melon patch. There are watermelons and honeydews all over that are probably rotting. The vines feeding them are dead. Even if they weren’t I can’t seem to find enough people to give them away to. Next year it will be important to have good fences built. I hope to have a much bigger garden and perhaps will be able to sell stuff at the farmer’s market in Midland. For that matter I could do well building a fruit and vegetable stand right out in front. There’s lots of traffic.

Steve and Janie are both running hard so we haven’t seen them in a while. Would love to be able to help them out somehow.

My ears are ringing pretty bad right now. Never a good sign.


Amy E said...

Bob! Paint you a sign that says Melons For Sale, sell them each for one to two dollars. It'd give you a little extra money...and you are right on a busy street so get some traffic. Set a table up under your front tree by the driveway and start stacking in boxes, on the ground, table, etc...

If you don't want to sell them, put sign out that says FREE!

Janie said...

Hey, we miss you guys!