Thursday, August 30, 2007


8/30/07 Thursday
The bees found or made a way under the house. I don’t know if they are in the crawl space where the other hives were or in the wall but they are somewhere. I’m going to open the hatch to the crawl space and stick my head in there with a flashlight to see what I can see. Hope they won’t be to close but I’ll be ready to scramble up and close the hatch. If they aren’t swarming I’ll throw the indoor fogger I have left from when we killed off the other hive down there.

Well I opened the hatch. There were some bees who were apparently dying buzzing on the ground three feet away. That made me jump back pretty quick but I saw they weren’t in good shape. I barely stuck my head down the hole, shining the flashlight around. Didn’t see anything but the thousands of dead bees from the past bee wars and a few empty fogger containers. I popped the cap of the fogger I had, threw it in the general direction of where the bees were getting in, and hurried up to put the hatch back on. Tomorrow will tell the tale. Hope this does it. There have been bees coming inside all day and Cherie has killed so many with the fly swatter she needed to get the vacuum out and sweep them up. We can’t tell how they get in but this old house has so many cracks and holes it doesn’t matter.

I went to the landfill yesterday and found this headboard out there. It’s perfect. I’ll refinish it and it’ll need to be raised eight inches but the light pine color better matches what we are doing with the rest of the house. Besides that one of the things I haven’t liked is there is no room for a nightstand on my side of the bed so there is no place for me to put stuff like my wallet and cell phone when I’m calling it a night. This will solve that problem. Another need met, this time through the landfill. Works for me.

Been busy so haven’t written much. Will be busy tomorrow and Saturday too, catching up on Cherie’s job mostly. Night all.


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the headboard is great sk

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