Sunday, August 26, 2007

Good day

This mornings sunrise

8/26/07 Sunday
It’s been a good two days but I am awfully tired so will have to work to record this. Yesterday I worked till I couldn’t work anymore. I love to work but work doesn’t love me. Can’t remember everything I did but I know that I finally got to using the weedeater Eric let me borrow. Once I got it started I didn’t stop till it ran out of gas. It valiantly kept up to the punishment I put it through but it was all work a lawnmower should be doing. One of these days I’ll have one. Till then I will do the best I can with what I’ve got as always.


Oh yeah, just remembered something else I did. Actually, downloading the pictures from the calendar reminded me. I chopped down the last of the seven foot tall weeds. Now that was a physical job but actually, running the weedeater was much tougher as it really hiked up the pain in my back. Wasn’t the weight cause it doesn’t weigh much, just the slight stoop required to use it. Don’t matter, I push on regardless. The pain medication helps me do that but I pay for it later. I know I did other things but can’t remember right now. Those were the two big ones. Of course I continued the fight with the bees. They don’t like me and are very aggressive, sometimes following me or at least finding me forty feet away. Got a couple of more stings. At least that killed the ones that stung me. See, there is always a good side to something.


So this morning the pain level was high and it had me shuffling as I walked. Started out with a pain pill and working as I needed to harvest the spaghetti squash to take to church. I got eighty one of those suckers. That’s a lot more than I thought. Estimated it at fifty yesterday. But I put out a notice on the Simon Department email network so had to have some. Of course that aggravated the pain. We got to church a little late so the service was already started but not too far along. The pastor spoke about the need Christians have to study the bible. They did something new, at least to me. They had a time where anyone who had a need for prayer could just step out and a staff member, who were strategically spread out over the entire sanctuary (or whatever you call it) would pray with them. I thought it was a nice touch.

After that we went to the class. I went out and parked the truck closer in case someone wanted some of the squash or watermelons I had loaded in the back. Put thirty squash in a plastic bin. When I came in I had Cherie give me one of the pain pills she carries just for these occasions.

Can’t remember who taught this time, or at least I can’t remember his name, but he finished up the last of the minor prophets, Malachi. There is so much there that they really don’t have time to get into. They passed out the books that give the lessons till November. I looked at it a little while ago. It starts with Mathew but it skips rapidly through the book and misses some big chunks. That’s a shame but how it is I suppose.

Eric asked me before class started if we would let him buy lunch. I really didn’t follow so told him to ask Cherie. Come to find out there was a big barbeque shindig that they’ve been talking about for weeks but of course I didn’t remember and was clueless. We figured it out as it was discussed among those in the class.

They had it in the building were we met Wally and Jen for lunch a month or three ago. Place has a gym and skating rink in it. The barbeque was great. I had a hard time at first because of the unfamiliar circumstances and all the noise and activity. Too much for my mind to process but that cleared up after I sat down and got accustomed to things.

I brought up my thoughts about teaching with Eric. He suggested I talk to Paul, the guy in charge of the education department. Eric introduced me to him when things were settling down. We talked a moment and I explained my doubts and desires. He agreed to sit down and talk with me so I’ll tell about it as things proceed.

I’m not real clear on things after church. Eventually we went back to Midland where I wanted to get something for the bugs on the tomato and Amaranth plants. There was a spray bottle of stuff that was organic for about five bucks and some non organic stuff that mixes up forty eight gallons for twelve. Being budget conscious I bought the five dollar bottle thinking it will last a week till I get the disability check. Got home and used the whole bottle up quick and didn’t even get to the black eye peas. Should have got the other stuff.

So I’m tired (as in struggling to keep my eyes open tired) and that’s all I’m gonna write. There was a great sunset so I’ll close with that.

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