Friday, August 24, 2007

Slow start

8/24/07 Friday
I’m moving a little slow this morning. Running at a five on the bob scale. There were only a couple of bees trying to get in this morning. A big pile of them on the ground from the wasp spray. Cherie and I went for our walk this morning. Of course the puppies went along, running into our legs as they chased each other around. That’s always a fun time. I picked up the fencing and began to organize it out back where the sections of fence are stacked. I am worrying that I have offended more people. I always worry about that cause I do it so often. Will finish pulling staples out of the fence boards this morning. But that’s what I said I’d do yesterday and probably the day before. Actually I think that Jay and his son brought this over a month or more ago and I intended to do it then. There is only a few pieces left. If I get it done I can chop the weeds that had surrounded them cause they blocked my access. These are the last of the seven foot tall weeds. Then I can burn the pile of branches and stuff we had cleaned out of the yard for the brush hogging.

At some point I really need to start cutting firewood for winter. Otherwise we will be pretty cold like we were at the start of last winter. That was before Amy bought us the woodstove to heat the house with. I wonder how she is doing. Today is when they have the showing of her father at the funeral home. I can’t remember if they will have the service thing before he is cremated today. I think so. Wish we could be there.

I hope I speed up today. Woke up slow and am getting slower. Maybe it’s because there is so much on my mind. Don’t know. Will have to focus on one task at a time. I need to take a pain pill damn-it. Hate that
1:00 – I’m still slow. Down to a three on the bob scale. It is unusual for this to last as long as it has. Used to be this way a lot back in the early days after I woke from the coma. Pretty much twenty four hours a day with a rare sharp spell. That gradually got better as my brain rewired and the stress level was reduced. Got a headache now as well. I finished the fence boards and burned the brush pile. Now I am going to have to lay down. Took some aspirin and a pain pill.
It’s been a push through day. Was slow up until after four. Janie stopped by after 2:00 when she got finished from the United Way skeet shoot she’s involved with and I was still not doing too good. I was glad to see her and showed her what I did with the oven cabinet her husband made. But it’s hard when I’m operating at the stupid level. Just want to hide at these times. The brain finally started to clear up after that but these things take a toll physically. Lost a whole day.


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a better day tomorrow. Tell Cherie hello!


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