Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Before the sun is up

8/7/07 Tuesday
We were up before the sun, as has become the norm for us. Of course having two puppies imitating a rooster, crowing, or in their case whining, as soon as day breaks. I could just let them whine and close the door to dampen the sound but I think getting up early is a good habit to have. Besides, we eventually will have chickens so need to get used to it and on top of that early in the morning is the best time to work here in West Texas as it can get pretty hot later in the day. I just don’t have the stamina I once did and the heat has already sent me to bed a few times cause I’m not good at quitting or pacing myself. Just go till I can’t go anymore and pay the price later. But that’s the way it has to be for I never know when a seizure will come or how long and severe it may be so must take advantage of the good times.

Well, the spring on the garage door sprung. It’s on the older of the two doors, which stands to reason. The cable had popped off the pulley yesterday or the day before so I just put it back on. Now I see that the lag bolts are pulling out of the wood. Not a good sign for if the wood is rotting it will be a serious problem for this is on the center support beam that holds the peak of the roof in front. I am in the garage keeping an eye on the puppies and as I write this I can see the base of that beam. It is definitely in bad shape. I’ll have to scrape off some paint and dig at it with a screwdriver to see just how bad. This is all part of having an old house and shouldn’t be too hard to replace. I’ll probably need help, mostly advice cause this is not an area I am knowledgeable about. I used to be but the memories of past experiences in similar areas are gone, thus robbing me of the crucial background that helps us do a better job and not repeat mistakes. As in most things I must relearn what I once knew. Just like I did with finishing the cabinets. Good thing I like to learn. Course I must learn the same thing several times before it sticks. With movies this short term memory has an advantage for when I see it a second, third, or even fourth time much of it is new so it’s like seeing it the first time again. That way I still get the surprises and suspense cause I don’t know or am not sure what’s going to happen next. But that’s movies, for most other things this is not fun.

So the day has started. Cherie is going to a fabric class that gets into dying cloth or something like that. It is a pursuit of a love she has, being a seamstress and all. I guess it will be an all day thing so I’m on my own. I was up till eleven getting the shop cleaned up and ready for me to work on facing the oven cabinet. Had to finish getting the tools and stuff that had been strewn all over while I put the cabinets and pegboard up put away. I also put a two by four edge on my work bench and installed the woodworkers vise I had picked up in Toledo. So I’m ready to go. It’s about time.
Measure twice, cut once. That’s the old creed of woodworking. In my case it’s measure five or six times and cut a few more than I should have had to. God I miss my old woodshop. Working with a circular saw who’s blade is dull, using a board for a straight edge, all the while trying to keep everything in place without clamps that fit is hard enough without getting lost as you work. One of the pieces of oak faced plywood had been sanded so thin at the factory you could see the glue through the pores of the oak. Fortunately I bought more than I needed because I understand the likelihood of mistakes is high with me. So I have some nice scraps of oak plywood that I’m sure I’ll find a use for.

It’s noon now. I’m taking a break now that I have gotten one piece of wood cut in three hours out there. I think I’ll run into Stanton to see if the Oasis is open or at least Carrols cause I don’t even feel like making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. After I relax a bit I need to go do the smaller but more precise cuts of wood. Perhaps I’ll recut the side piece I just did cause the saw chipped up one of the cuts. I’ll measure to see if the other half of the sheet of plywood is big enough. I’ve got diamond sharpening stones so maybe I’ll see if I can sharpen the blade. Don’t know. Have to think on it.
Oasis was open so I stopped and got two asado burritos and a Dr. Pepper. Picked up mail and came home. In the mail was a letter from Mt Sinai Hospital which included a check for participating in a phone interview regarding brain injury and a website they are developing to help us. I had forgotten totally about it and never even finished filling out the information for my account on the website. I had been looking forward to participating in this study. The idea that I could help and be involved excited me. But I forgot. It just vanished.

I found a new saw blade. Looked at the stuff that needs to be done. Just depressed at how hard something easy is right now. The VA just called. I am slowing down so had a hard time talking with the lady. They canceled my appointment for tomorrow. The next available time is tomorrow. I didn’t know if that was a good day for Cherie keeps up with that for me. I went into office to write down appointment and remembered tomorrow is when Wally is getting the brush hog. The next available appointment is August 15. She told me I can go to urgent care to get the pain prescription refilled. I’m gonna run to Big Spring and do that despite being slow for I don’t want to not be here for Wally.

Called Cherie to let her know all this. She got an appointment with the chiropractor so will be in later.


Amy E said...

Hi Bob! I am up and about early today also. I forgot about Cherie being a seamstress. I will have to ask her to show me how to make buttonholes. I learned how in 8th grade, but haven't done it since.
Have a good day, and take it easy!

Janie said...

Be sure to take pix of the brushhoggin'!!

See y'all soon...