Friday, August 31, 2007

Did I or didn't I?

8/31/07 Friday
Not sure how well I did with the bees but it looks hopeful. There is this pile of them out where they were going in and out of the house. I filled that hole with more of the Great Stuff foam. Later I checked and found two bees trying to get in. Didn’t want to see any survivors at all. If two made it how many more might there be? Time will tell.

I am sharp this morning. Jay called and came over to measure the window that needs replacement, or at least the worst one. That involved tearing off some of the trim and siding in order to see where the studs were. Some of the rotten wood just split as I tried to pry it loose but I was able to hammer it back in somewhat when we were done. The bottom board is just gone. We found a huge old wasp nest in the wall behind a piece of siding. Fortunately it was no longer occupied.

Jay called his friend, who founded “Christmas in Action”. He’s received numerous presidential awards and others such as one named for one of the Kennedy wives. Can’t remember the name that Jay just told me a half hour ago. He’s the guy who can get us the window and he also has a bunch of siding that is a type they no longer use or something, making it surplus, so we might be able to get that as well. The blessings just keep coming and it boggles my mind for I am as undeserving as they come. Maybe the God I look for is behind this. Would love to know for sure and am sure seeking that answer. I don’t know, it gets confusing sometimes.

My check came in. Cherie got out her pad and paper and we went through all our obligations to insure they are paid up. Don’t want our phones shut off again or any other surprises. We are going to run into Midland in a bit and get some supplies. I’m gonna get some of the Citrus strip that I like and will use to strip down the headboard. Then I think we will treat our self to a fantastic meal like hamburgs or tacos seeing as we are rich for a day. Rich being a rather relative concept for us.

Janie just called as I was writing so I told her I would mention that in this blog so she can be famous. Yeah, I’m so funny. Ha Ha. She’s gonna try to get a hold of the electrician and a crew to finish installing and hooking up the stove and oven. Cool stuff Maynard. (That’s some old thing we used to say back in the day. Don’t ask me. I don’t have a clue who Maynard is or why that was a “Cool” thing to say.)

I seem to be in a positive frame of mind but running at an eight on the bob scale is a big help. It’s easier to be positive when things are working well. Gotta get going. Will drop off a load of spaghetti squash at the Midland Reporter newspaper for Jimmy Patterson while we are in town. It’ll be good to get a full tank of gas also. Love the first of the month.


Janie said...

Dude, I always wanted to be famous!!!

sandykessler said...

Sharp this morning- what a blessing