Saturday, August 11, 2007

The dumbest smart person

8/11/07 Saturday
I am either the smartest dumb person or the dumbest smart person you will ever meet. Which one depends on the moment you meet me. This is the joke I used to tell in an attempt to describe and put a humorous face on the reality of what I must deal with daily. Some days it’s hard to be humorous about it. There are times that leave me feeling incredibly stupid. Makes it hard to be positive and show any enthusiasm for life. That’s why depression is always knocking at the door and forces it’s way in despite my efforts to prevent it. I am sure this blog is not at all fun to read during these times.

I pushed on till after 10:00, working on this one piece of wood. I was determined to get it done. In the process I pulled that muscle or whatever it is that causes intense pain about where the right kidney is. Later, when things settle a bit, I want to raise all the work surfaces three or so inches as this will make a big difference with my back. Just three inches. It’s not much but will do wonders.

I took a whole pain pill this morning instead of the half of one I usually do. It was a restless night as rolling over hurt like hell. Cherie and I went for a walk this morning and that helped work it loose a little.

I almost finished making the cabinet side last night. There should only be one cut to make. I plan on taking the piece of plywood that is defective back this morning to exchange it. Hope the lumber yard is open. Cherie is heading to Midland right now to meet with her quilting group. Then she will get some groceries. She has to run into Stanton to do some laundry as well. I’m going to work on the cabinet. It’s a must as this is the hold up for us to get the oven and stove top hooked up. I should have had it done a week ago. Frustrating to move so slow.

The pain pill is taking affect now. That should help me keep moving. I had the dizzy light headed feeling that precedes a seizure earlier but it was a short mild one and I think I’ve cleared up now. Need to get moving. Got the puppies in the crate now. They have been scraping through the drywall in the puppy room lately. Dug a four inch hole in one area and when I moved the crate to cover it they have started on another area. I need to call Jay and see about getting some of the melamine siding he said he could get me. Need to measure the window as well. There is so much I need to do and so much I don’t get to. Best get moving and try to get something done.
I got the oak plywood exchanged no problem. Then I stopped by Walmart to see about a multiple outlet water spigot I had seen. They were out. I went to Lowe’s and picked up two oak corner moldings for the cabinet and a ten foot two by four. They have multiple outlets but I figured I’d check at Ace Hardware first to see if I could get a better deal. They too were out so it’s back to Lowe’s where I bought the thing. Now I am home but have a serious headache on top of running slow, about a five on the bob scale. Will lay down for a bit. It’s 3:00 and I am usually tired by now anyway.

Got most the pieces cut for the cabinet. Ill know how good I did when I put them on. It’s 10:30 now and the pain medication is wearing off. It helps me do stuff but I probably do more than I should when I take it. Went to get a drink and it had frozen so there was no fizz left. There goes a whole six pack. The fridge had stopped freezing so bad when I took the thermostat apart but it’s back.

Pretty tired so that’s it for now. Night folks.

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