Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The bees are back

It’s been a crappy day. The bees are back and this bunch is more aggressive. I got stung twice yesterday and once again today. Again they seek entrance underneath the house where the honey bee hive had been. I think they may have found a way in. Yesterday there was a few hundred swarming in the garage, looking for a home no doubt. I got the broom out and swatted at them for a good fifteen minutes, suffering a few bites, and then hurried up and closed the door. That seemed to work but they are still on the house, going into every crevase they can find in the rotting siding. They are getting in the house now but we can’t tell how. Killed twenty or thirty of them inside so far. This really isn’t fun and is a battle we’ve been having off and on ever since we moved here. If they found a way under the house I will have to throw another bug bomb into the crawl space to kill of the hive. I was planning on going underneath there to run the water line to the air conditioner. That would be downright dangerous if they are nesting down there now.

So on top of that this computer screwed up. I don’t know what happened. I had gone online and posted the entry about Amy and then went out to work on chopping weeds. Was going to get the weedwacker I borrowed from Eric going. Coming back in the screen was black and the lights indicate the computer was running, not in hibernation mode. I couldn’t get it to come up no matter what I did. Finally I pulled the battery, thus shutting it down. Starting it back up I could no longer open up this journal. Message said the file was corrupted. It took an hour or two before I could recover it and when I did I found there was nine thousand seven hundred pages added. They were mostly gibberish, letters and symbols with no discernable pattern but towards the end there was stuff from the internet and blog mixed in. It took three hours to get that all deleted and then I went to the blog to recover what was lost. I ran the spyware but it didn’t find anything. Hope this laptop isn’t going to choke on me. Can’t afford a new one. Hell can’t afford a used one.

So the frustration level is pretty high. I don’t know what to do about the bees. I just checked the task manager and Microsoft word is cranking, using sometimes one hundred percent of the CPU. Then it falls to maybe thirty. Now it slowed to fifteen or so. I hope this thing doesn’t crash.

We went over to Janie’s to help her clean up for a guest. After we all went out to dinner with Stewart, the guest, and Tyrone, the youngest son. Stewart is a minister or something on top of being a lawyer. We talked a little before Janie came back. He said something about me being a prophet. That’s strange stuff and not the first time I heard it. I even said that once but I say all kinds of things. There is so much I wonder about yet so much I see. Don’t know what to think. I told him about how, when I woke from the coma not only did I lose big chunks of memory but the belief that God exists was no longer there either. I can’t help it, it was just gone. Been looking for God ever since, in between getting crapped on by some wearing the Christian label but not living it. But we’ve found some who are real as far as we can see. That gives me hope.

So it’s been rather discouraging. At least we got our phones turned back on. Don’t remember if I mentioned it. I think I wrote about it before the computer dumped and it was lost because I couldn’t post it. You see our cell phone service is how we go online. They were disconnected because Cherie forgot to pay the bill or something. Janie had called at eleven to see if we could help but we didn’t get the message till the phones were turned on at four. I think that was yesterday. Get confused because of the short term memory thing. Things get jumbled pretty easily. I’m done for the night. Will run the spyware again just in case and call it a night.

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