Friday, August 03, 2007

Another rainy day

8/3/07 Friday
It’s another rainy day. Yesterday Midland had almost three inches of rain in twenty four hours and we had a lot more than they did. Part of the farmers field next to us washed out as a small river formed to drain the water. Part of 829, the highway going past our place, was so flooded I had to slow down to about twenty MPH to get across. Course I was more conservative than other motorists who hit the water at a much higher speed. Now it is steadily raining. The puppies didn’t want to stay out on the veranda and were scratching on the screen door to come in. That’s the door I had just replaced the screen on and I don’t want to do that again so I locked them in the puppy room. I’ll have to scrub it with bleach later cause the puppy pee has soaked in the concrete and is pretty rank. Probably won’t get much done today. It’s one of those miserable gray depressing days and the forth we’ve had in a row. Too wet outside to do much. Cherie’s cold is pretty bad and has her miserable. I’ll run her to Midland to pick up her medicine later.
Hopefully the third times the charm. Things seem to be doing much better regarding the finishing work. As with all things I must relearn what I once knew. There may be some minor touch up but everything looked great to me. Whether it looks great the next time I look at it we will have to wait and see. I can be blind one minute and see all kinds of things the next. This seems to happen a lot. It has me second guessing myself all the time and robs me of self confidence. My lack of self confidence in relationships however has been improving thanks to the love and acceptance of our new friends in Midland. Eric and Debbie, Janie and Steve, Jen and Wally, and the growing number of you guys, thank you for that gift.

Cherie went to Midland by herself. As soon as she left another rain storm rolled in so I rushed to get the dogs in and closed the doors of the garage most of the way, leaving some space for ventilation. Then I turned on the single light bulb and finished putting the polyurethane on the drawers as best I could. Fortunately I spied drops of water coming from the roof leak I had forgotten about and moved everything out of the way in time. I had to throw away the six dollar paint brush for I had forgotten to clean it and put it away. This short term memory sure can cost me sometimes.

It’s 3:00 now. I put most stuff away and must take that damn nap I often have to. That is still frustrating and weird to me how tired I get, where staying awake is hard like I’ve been studying all night or something. They had something on TV the other day about how they are experimenting with implanting electrodes in the brains of TBI survivors and one of the results is it helped one not fall asleep as much. This is the same technology they are using with Parkinson’s disease patients.

So it’s nap time. It’s amazing how an hour or two refreshes me.
I’m not happy. Went to put the doors on our new kitchen cabinets. First the screws to the oven side doors that I had placed in the bottom cabinet were no longer there. Then, while I was installing the doors on the other side I saw lots of black gook and water under the sink. When Saul had put this in he didn’t tighten the connections and missed a seal all together so it had been leaking ever since. The floor of the cabinet has buckled up some. I took everything apart and got it put in right but there is still water leaking from the faucet somewhere that I haven’t found yet. During this I walked out and saw Trixie in the middle of the highway. She ran when I yelled. I chased her into the house, smacked her butt good, and threw her into the crate. Rascal was nowhere near the road so he got treats but I put him in the puppy room anyway. Just don’t feel like having to keep up with him while I fix this crap on the cabinets. So the anger thing reared it’s head. I just went and laid down to cool off. Cherie came home with a rotisserie chicken for dinner. I’m gonna open up the vacuum to see if Cherie sucked up the missing screws. They were out when Saul put the cabinets in so who knows where they might be now. I need them to put the last doors on.


Tricia said...

My mom's house there in Midland still has a hole at the bottom of the screen door where our little dog used to scratch to be let back in. And it's been...sheesh...16 years since he died! I can't help but think of that cute little guy whenever I see that hole, though.

We're sunny and HHHHOT here in MI. I'll try to send some down south, OK? I mentioned to Jimmy I can only imagine what Wadley's looked like the last couple of days!

Cherie, I hope you feel better soon!

Bob said...

Don't want the sun and hot. There's plenty of that coming as it is. There may be a lot of it but the rain is welcome here. You can send some snow this winter though. I like that.

Sandy Kessler said...

keep saying how blessed you are everyday . i have such admiration and respect for your journey. I am a cancer survivor/patient

Bob said...

Thanks Sandy. Every day I wake up is a gift and it's important that I keep my eyes on that. There are times I forget how blessed both me and my wife are but these come during short periods of stress and go when I return to being thankful. Cancer is a harder battle to fight because of the fear of the future it can bring up. If our journey somehow lightens your load it adds value to our life. Be blessed Sandy.