Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What did I do?

8/29/07 Wednesday
I see that I never made an entry for yesterday. Right now I can remember helping Cherie in the cotton fields with her survey job. I have pictures of that so thus was reminded. What else happened yesterday?

Janie called and asked for some help. She’s go to jump on airplanes and fly all over the place, leaving at times like 4:30 in the morning so just doesn’t have time to keep up with stuff around the house. Hell, she doesn’t have time to get enough sleep. So Cherie went up there and did some wash and house cleaning. I was going to go with her but Cherie won’t let me do our own laundry much less someone else’s. I tend to just dump everything in a washer, pour in an estimated amount of soap plus a little more for good measure, and turn the machine on without worrying about hot or cold, white or not, or any other of the fine nuances of washing clothes. I did some laundry for her in Toledo and her shirts fit a bit tight after. That was fine with me but not her. So I don’t touch laundry.

I could take out the garbage and do some cleaning but other than that I would be sitting around twiddling my thumbs so I opted to stay home. There is plenty for me to do here. In fact I will never run out of things. What I did I’m not exactly sure of. I know I’ve been working on putting connectors on the various garden hoses I’ve scavenged from the landfill and hooking them up to lay the foundation for the irrigation system. Whether I did that yesterday of the last three days I can’t say. Putting a time stamp on memories is one of the issues that comes with traumatic brain injuries. I remember doing them but can’t tell when.

I also tried to get the high pressure sodium light wired right. Had ordered the ballast and it came in but the wiring schematic was a little beyond me. I had no problem fabricating brackets and installing it but wasn’t clear on where and how to hook up the grounds. I puzzled over it for a while and finally went online to find the answer. What a zoo that was. Looked at what seems like a hundred sites with no clear answers for my uneducated mind. Finally I went to a site I had bypassed with a title that said something about growing marijuana indoors. There it was, a clear simple diagram and picture of what wire to hook where. Figures. Stoners (A euphuism for people who smoke pot all the time) need simple instructions like that. That brings back the parallel I wrote of earlier regarding how brain injuries can be like being on drugs. So anyway, I think I worked on the light yesterday. (See! And to think I used to pay money to be this way. Geese!!!) But I’m not sure. That’s why I keep this journal, or at least one of the reasons.

What else I did I don’t know. I do know that I had a fitful night and woke up in pain. This morning Cherie and I went and surveyed another field. This one is in much worse shape. It looks like he planted it later but the areas we were to sample were pretty sparse with areas where nothing was growing. That made counting plants, boles, and flowers pretty easy compared to the field I helped Cherie with on the first day. Those were chest high and a lot of work to go through each plant measuring and counting everything.

Right now Cherie has left to meet her boss and he will go check on her work. I have lots to do but need to make a plan or will wander from task to task with little getting done. I watered the pumpkins after we got back.

That’s it for now. It’s 1:00 so time for me to get back on the clock (so to speak) and get to work.


sandykessler said...

Everything for a reason beautiful fields and wahta blessing to have them

Bob said...

Sandy, I love it when you visit for your comments are always positive. Love your blog too as it is lighthearted in it's spirit.