Thursday, August 09, 2007

Busy blessed day

You can see the handle of my hoe to give you an idea how tall these weeds were

8/9/07 Thursday
It’s been a busy blessing of a day. Eric showed up first, bringing his weedeater, hoe, and the mosquito repellent I had strongly advised him to bring. We visited a few minutes and went straight to work. First we cleared out wood and other obstacles from the areas to be mowed. There was a lot there and it was hard to see and get to with the weeds growing around and through everything. The wood we threw into where my burn pit was though you can’t tell because of the weeds. I’ll have to move the fencing before I burn this stuff.

I am so tired that this is hard to write. Plus I seem to have lost a picture I just took of the wood just written about. Will restart the computer to see if it shows up.

Found it. It was there all the time, I was just looking in the wrong place. I’m tired enough it’s affecting things like that. I was pretty sharp today, it was a good day in that regard.

After a while Wally showed up with the crew delivering the tractor and brush hog. He got right to work after checking to see what I had in mind. He mowed and mowed, stopping to study what he must venture through. I got a chain out and he dragged the propane tank out. I’ll try to sell it, maybe. Part of me hates to let go of things that I might possibly need in some distant future. If I ever set up a greenhouse operation we might need one. I think I’ll keep it for now. Hell, I’ve got seventy six acres so I’ll just find someplace out of sight to store it.

Wally tried to move the bus with the tractor but it wouldn’t budge. It’ll take a lot to move that sucker. We dragged the two telephone poles into the melon area where I hope to use them to make raised garden beds, possibly to grow strawberries. Eric worked hard till he had to go. Quite a guy. Both Eric and Wally have impressed me with the character they display and integrity they practice.

Wally could see I was wearing down around one or two o’clock so suggested I rest while he continued mowing. When I get tired my control of the right leg is reduced so the limp and unsteadiness make it hard to hide. I never feel right resting while someone else works but I needed to so laid down for about an hour.

We broke for lunch and ate the sandwiches Cherie made. They were good. Of course we had lots to drink. Cherie made sure we always had something. With this heat and humidity that is important.

Wally let me drive the tractor at the end of the day. I used the front end loader to scrape up much of what had been cut and piled it in back where I will compost it. This will be a good start for next year. I greatly enjoyed doing this and became adept at operating the bucket. Kind of dug out a drive from the highway so there is another way in and possibly a turn around. Later we’ll caliche it or something.

Mowing the weeds down makes an incredible difference. The place just feels different, more open and free. Cherie noticed several pickups that pulled over to check out what we were doing and then take off. I’m sure the farmers are just as glad to see the weeds get cut down as we are.

I must express our gratitude for this. Wally and Eric are exemplary examples of what Christianity is about. And so are all the others who have helped us out. I believe that later we will be in much better shape and able to take care of ourselves but right now, at this start of a new life, the helping hands are greatly appreciated. This is a glimpse of times gone by, of a culture that has vanished in much of America, of a time when neighbors knew each other, talked to each other, and helped unselfishly when they could. Now these acts are like a beacon on a hill, a light for all to see that honors Jesus and true Christianity. This is how it should be and if more who call themselves Christians did this it would have an impact on the world around.

I am pretty wiped and having a hard time staying awake so I’ll post this and the pictures. Night all.
Before and after


Janie said...

Oh my gosh!!!! That looks awesome! I know y'all did tons of work today. I came in from Lubbock and we drove by around 8:20pm or so. We stopped for a second, but y'all didn't come out (no, I didn't knock, and I was on a long distance call, so couldn't call at the moment!) I figured y'all were exhausted and hope to see you both sometime this weekend.

Again, the change is DRAMATIC! Looks awesome.

Janie said...

By the way, when I said "we", it wasn't Steve and myself, it was my friend Lisa, who also had to get back home.

If it had been Steve and I we would have come in.


Jen said...

WOW!!! Your place looks amazing! Sorry I missed all the fun!
And much thanks for the banana nut bread.

Amy E said...

It looks great Bob!

Bob said...

Hey Janie, we have an amazing doorbell system. It's right on the steering wheel and is called a horn. Honk next time. If we don't want to come out I'll yell "GO AWAY" out the door.

Thanks guys. Glad you like the banana nut bread Jen. Just a note to all our readers, Y'all are invited to come out anytime you want. There's always something in the garden that needs to find a home. Got a bunch of watermelon here.