Saturday, August 04, 2007

No more rain

8/4/07 Saturday
I found the screws. They were in a pan I had thrown them in while we were clearing out space for the cabinet work. So I was able to finish putting the doors on and the srawers are all installed. Now Cherie can put the kitchen together. I put a pan underneath the faucet leak to catch water till I figure that out. It didn’t leak before so something got strained during it’s removal and reinstallation.

As Cherie clears out the old drawers to transfer their contents to the new ones I will be able to put them in the old cabinets I installed in the garage. That will enable me to get my shop put together again and help me be able to get more stuff done. The first thing will be to carefully cut the oak faced plywood to fit on the oven cabinet. Getting the lines straight will be a challenge with a circular saw but the jig I made a few months ago will help immensely. I’m not sure how it will fit for making 45 degree cuts so may need to make a spacer for that. There will be some fine hand cutting required to make some joints, maybe. I’ve rethought how I need to do this several times as I see old ideas won’t work or may not be necessary. Glad I have plenty of spare plywood in case I make bad mistakes.

That’s the schedule for today. The screen on this laptop is slowly deteriorating. Not too bad but eventually will have to be replaced. We paid $100 to Patrick Duffy, the lawyer who straightened everyone out on the estate, out of this check. We may need him to help get it closed out. Virginia still hasn’t done so and seems to be dragging her feet. Perhaps our request for copies of all the checks is the reason for that. I just want to verify she handled the funds correctly. Steve said he could help in this matter.

It’s going to be a great day weather wise, at least according to the weatherman. Finally no rain and some sun thought that means it will be hot and humid. Cherie just brought in some French toast so I will take that as a cue to get moving this morning.

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