Monday, August 27, 2007

The start of another week

8/27/07 Monday
Monday, the first day of another week. My how the weeks fly by. So do the months for that matter. It’s four days till I get my disability check. We will have to be real careful with that because of the trip to Albuquerque for my VA neurologist appointment. That will entail two or three days, depending on if we can get the hotel room for two nights. It would be nice but we haven’t gotten through to the lady in charge of that despite calling every day. She was at her wits end swamped when we went to her office at the VA hospital there last time.

We went out to survey the first cotton field today. It’s a good thing I told Cherie I’d go and do the work cause I really don’t think Cherie could have handled it. In fact both she and I know that now. She was so grateful I was there for her. Cherie was real negative this morning, putting herself down for every little thing, beating herself up. I told her to put the hammer down and give herself a break. This cotton field was way out in the boonies, down several winding dirt roads and Cherie couldn’t remember well which way to go. She was surprised when she found it. “See, you didn’t do bad” I told her to lift her up a bit. This cotton is one of the few irrigated fields and some of it was chest high. I had to sit on my butt and scoot it along the row as I counted every cotton bole of a certain size plant by plant for ten feet. Then I counted the smaller ones, the flowers, and “squares” which are where a flower was but no bole has formed yet. I like it and it’s the kind of work I can do as long as I am cognizant. I tend to be orderly and methodical as it is. We had to survey several specific spots in the field that Cherie and her boss had staked out before.

After three and a half hours we were done and headed home. Cherie fixed lunch, heated up burritos that were included with the Angel Food’s package. Her mom called yesterday to tell how happy they are with that program. It was their first experience with it and Cherie had let them know about it. Amy just got her first package from them as well.

I rested a bit and then went into town to pick up mail, get some badly needed gas, and stop at the bank to see about setting up an account for Westbrook Farms. To do it right we should go to the courthouse and have a DBA set up. We’ll see about doing that later.

That’s it so far today. It’s 3:18.

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