Saturday, August 25, 2007

8/25/07 Saturday
There was a beautiful sunrise this morning and it matches, in my mind, the beauty of waking up with a brain that is clearheaded and cognizant. My body feels like I’ve been beat up and I didn’t sleep well at all but I would gladly endure that to have a functional brain. I’ve said before, in previous early entries, that I would gladly live in a wheelchair to have a brain that stayed sharp and resembled what I had before the accident. This morning is what I call “Prime time” and I am running at an eight or nine on the bob scale. My fingers are dancing on this keyboard, a good gauge of my mental acuity and the speed at which I am processing information. Hope it stays this way all day. Hell I hope it stays this way the rest of my life but know better.

You know, I have to mention something about how our needs are taken care of when things get tough. Our bank account was low, something like eight dollars by our reckoning, and the cash I found in my wallet wasn’t lasting long as I had to buy bug spray to combat these bees that are plaguing us. Then we discover we had made a mistake in our accounting, forgetting to record one check written to pay a monthly bill, and were overdrawn, incurring a twenty five dollar penalty. Now it’s past tight. Cherie and I have to drive approximately two hundred and fifty miles this last week of the month for her job. I’ll be driving the pickup and helping her with the physical part of taking samples from the cotton fields. Now there is not enough to even get the gas needed for her to work. I emailed one of the friends who had reached out to us through the blog. As much as it went against the grain and bothered me I asked for a loan we could pay back on the first, when my disability check arrives. She hadn’t read the email yet but Cherie called her at my urging. Coming by this angel gave us more than we asked for as a gift. We’ve helped them a little with simple things like cleaning and will do more in the future so, understanding my pride, she said this was a payment for that help. Now we enjoyed helping them before and did so as friends expecting no pay for it, valuing the friendship much more than money. So we are blessed and pray, knowing already it will be so, that they be blessed for the Christian love they have shown and practice in many arena’s, much more than with us. I choose not to reveal their names as they do not do these things for the accolades of man as many of the modern Pharisees do.

It will be a busy morning. I must rush to take my bath, enjoying the hot water that also is a gift from others. I desire to purchase some garden hose repair ends to fix the garden hoses I recovered from the landfill and am using to set up the drip feed watering system for the garden. Next year the garden will be much better, employing the lessons I have learned from this first year, and should be a source of additional income. This year we are giving everything away as gifts to those we know and some we have never met. I’ve dropped a fair amount off to the first church of Stanton.

Then I need to get a better quality bug spray for the bees, something I’ve used before that leaves a foam that keeps killing after being sprayed. Walfart doesn’t carry such an item. By 11:00 we must pick up the food we paid for from the Angel Food’s Ministry. This is another example of true Christianity, the kind the bible talks about, helping the poor.

So I must close so we can get all this done in time.


Amy E said...

Hey! I picked up my order from the Angel Food Ministry also! How funny! This was the first time I had ordered. I ordered two of the $25.00 and one of the $18.00 chicken packages. Came home and unpacked it, and it should be enough for a month. I just went to the grocery store and got the perishables (milk, fruit).

Have a good day!

Bob said...

Every little bit helps doesn't it. Hey, give us a call would you. Just would like to talk with you. If you need the number Email me.

To those of you who don't know Amy is the dear friend I talked about in the entry titled "dear friend". An exceptional homesteader and exceptional person. I need to put a link to her blog. Not very good at doing that.

sandykessler said...

you inspire me with your humaness. sandy

Sandy Kessler said...

When people give it is because they feel blessed and when you accept it it is you not denying their blessing

Sandy Kessler said...

The one sunrise picture - tri color looks like an abstract heart at the bottom. Aren't there groups for brain trauma that can assist you with medical expenses or drive you. I have cancer and there are those groups here.