Thursday, August 02, 2007

Storms rolled in

8/2/07 Thursday
It stormed hard last night. Lots of lightning with flooding rains. The news this morning announced multiple road closings and a few fires started by lightning. We can see a fire from the house that is maybe five miles away. It is probably a natural gas fire as with oil there is usually lots of black smoke. There is black smoke coming from an area to the west of the visible fire.

There is lots of standing water on our property. Jen and Wally were going to come out at eight this morning to brush hog the yard. Wally was going to rent it and the rental company would deliver and pick up the unit. That has been called off due to the rain.

I overdid it yesterday, as I seem to be prone to do. Got the doors of our cabinets done but never got to the drawers. I did find some oak faced plywood at the lumber store so will face the oven cabinet with it. It would be easier to cut with a table saw but the jig I made for my circular saw a few months ago will help me make straight cuts. Hopefully I will get to it today. Yesterday I worked outside and it was humid from the rains we have had lately, so I was sweating a lot. Cherie had gone grocery shopping and fluids such as Gatorade were on the list cause she’s not keen on making tea and the tea goes sour pretty quick, as in a day. So I didn’t have anything to drink and she was out grocery shopping for six hours. I can’t imagine how someone can spend that much time shopping for groceries. I think it’s something she can do to keep her mind off worries or something. She left at 10:30 and got home at 5:00. When I called her just before she got home she didn’t seem to realize she had been gone that long.

I was done for when she got home. Slammed a Gatorade and orange juice and went to bed where I continued sweating. I was also pretty grouchy. Fell into a fitful sleep and didn’t get anything else done for the day other than putting the doors I had put in the sun to dry back in the garage.

Today I hope to get the drawers done and also facing the oven cabinet. Had to take one of the pain pills this morning as getting out of bed was a bit tough. Nothing terribly unusual about that, just one of those days. The changing weather probably contributes to that.

Cherie wrote a letter to her boss Joe, letting him know she will not be working for him next season. I will help her finish up this survey. She is not emotionally equipped to approach strangers for the job so it causes great turmoil and even fear inside. Cherie needs some security in whatever she does. This is part of why she doesn’t reach out to make friends. I am so glad Janie has reached out to her. What a God send that is. With all the stress of our new marriage, moving to Texas, roughing it on my disability income in a dilapidated house, her families issue’s back in Toledo, on top of her change in life she is fragile and a friend is the greatest gift she can have. Just someone to talk to and do things with has more value than anything else. It is shameful she couldn’t find that in the Stanton church.

I will need to force myself to get moving. Had a fitful night with the storms and some unpleasant dreams so am tired on top of hurting. If Cherie gets a hold of the last farmer on her list I will take her out to see him. Other than that it’s working on the cabinets. The rain is good from the standpoint that there will be no dust blowing and that will improve the quality of the finishing work.

It is frustrating to find that what you thought was a good job really isn’t. Now the roof leaked on two of the drawers out in the garage but that isn’t the problem. I was a little premature when I declared the doors finished. Now that I am rested and a little sharper I see how sloppy of a job I did yesterday. Now I must sand them all down and put another coat on. The drawers I did last week aren’t much better. Part of my frustration stems from the memory of how good I was at this before the accident, doing finishes at a professional level. But then I also remembered that I had a dust free room equipped with a complete spray set up so that made a big difference.

Cherie evidently has caught the cold I’ve been fighting for a few days now. I still have the sore throat and raw sinus but my immune system has been able to keep it at bay. Cherie however is getting her ass kicked by her cold.

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