Saturday, August 18, 2007

Slowdaowns are back

8/18/07 Saturday
Had a hard night as the back pain made it hard to find a comfortable position to sleep. This morning I once again washed the concrete floor of the puppy room with bleach because Rascal peed on it again. This just soaks into the concrete. We didn’t let them out when they woke at daybreak this time. Trixie seems to hold on till she gets let out better.

The slowdowns are back. Having another one this morning. It’s another bad one that is affecting the physical control of my right side in addition to dropping me down to a four or worse on the bob scale. That’s the way it seems to go. These times come in waves where I have days of relative lucidity with only a few minor slowdowns. Then there are the waves where I have lots of bad slowdowns and they last longer. Yesterday was rough and I’ll have to read this journal to see how the days before that went. You know, can’t remember.

It’s sunny out. I’m going to try and make the end panel for the kitchen cabinets. It will be a task when I’m like this. Measured for it. Putting the laminate on the end of the counter top is going to be tough cause it wasn’t installed right.

These slowdowns drain me of energy. I suppose most seizures do that. Can’t believe it’s already 2:00. Seems like I just woke up an hour ago but have been up since seven. I need to take a nap. Still real slow. This sucks. I called Wayne this morning. He agreed to accept my proposal on how to take care of the issue with the state welfare regarding their wanting to confiscate his money. I need to talk with Steve about setting up Westbrook Farms as a business. Used to know lots about that having founded several companies before. One was a corporation and the other’s sole proprietorships. Too much of my memory is damaged for me to trust what I think in that area. Besides that this is Texas and the laws are probably different.

How I hate these slowdowns. I downloaded the Spysweeper program I uninstalled a day or so ago. I also bought the AVG program and installed that. Did it twice by accident. It’s a struggle to work through the confusion that comes at these times.
It has been an extraordinarily bad day. Have had multiple seizures, some of them back to back. Glad this doesn’t happen often but will be even gladder if it never happened again. It is 2:00 in the morning now. I have been drifting in between barely awake and dream state all night without really falling to sleep. I got up to use the bathroom and looking out the window saw that both garage doors were wide open. That’s a big no no. I don’t think I have ever failed to close things up before. That would expose every tool I’ve managed to get to being carried away. So I put on my sweats and went out to close it. I enjoyed going into the cool night air. There is not a cloud in the sky and with a new moon every star is visible. Wish I could bend my neck more to look up.

I hope I got these slowdowns out of my system and have a better day tomorrow.

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Tricia said...

Hey Bob!

Just wanted to drop by and offer some encouragement. I know you've been having a rough go of it lately. You have a marvelous spirit that keeps you plugging away, and I admire that so much...I certainly could use a little of that from time to time! When I get down and discouraged, which is a lot lately, I just want to go climb in bed and pull the covers up over my head until my problems have somehow managed to all work themselves out.

And your kitchen is looking beautiful! Even with your roadblocks, you're doing something so many of us wouldn't ever imagine being able to do.

I hope your weekend is going well!