Monday, August 06, 2007

Monday (Not the most original title)

8/6/07 Monday
It’s already 2:00 and I am just now getting to this laptop. Cherie did well at the doctor, I guess that’s how you put it. Doc said she may have a thyroid problem as that can disguise itself as depression or something like that. She had Cherie stop at the hospital for tests and will do some more tests when Cherie comes back in next month. She gave Cherie a prescription to see if it helps things till then. So there are no major issues evident and I’ll take that as good news.

I’ve been working in the garage. First thing I did today was take the garbage to the landfill and pick out the treasures I found while there. That is a piece of steel roofing that is new, a fifty five gallon plastic drum with a crack in the side, and a brand new bundle of fifty or so stakes still wrapped up. Oh, and about twenty feet of nearly new wire fencing that’s three or four feet high. It’s all stuff I can use.

The puppies have been good, not getting into stuff or going out in the road. I am pretty tired as I often am by this time of the day. Also have a headache but it’s not a bad one like yesterday. So that’s it so far.

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