Sunday, August 05, 2007

peacful morning

8/5/07 Sunday
Good morning. I’m sitting outside on the veranda listening to the hum of various insects, a freight train as it rumbles at eighty miles per hour a mile and a half away sounding it’s horn at the Stanton crossings, and the puppies as they vie for dominance in their play. It is daylight out but the sun has not yet risen over the horizon. I have my cup of coffee that helps my mind unfog every morning. Cherie loaded up the coffee maker last night so all I had to do was hit the button as I walked by letting the dogs out. That is nice.

I see I didn’t get much written yesterday so now must reconstruct the day as best I can. Might have to work backwards at that. I remember running to Steve and Janie’s to pick up the rolls of shelf liner she has left over. They had a lot going on so we didn’t have time to visit long but they made time for us despite that. Showed us the new bedroom. The room isn’t new but it has a new bed and they cleared out what had been stored in it so it’s a new bedroom. There were a couple pieces of furniture they were going to donate to charity that we can use so they are now in the back of the truck.

Something that sticks in my mind occurred as we were driving into Midland. There was a kid driving a Toyota who was obviously high or drunk. He was all over the road and almost hit several cars. I had Cherie dial 911 so we could report him and hopefully get him pulled over before someone got killed. Unfortunately I think our cell phones ring into Stanton’s 911 service and the call turned out to be a joke as the lady asked series of stupid questions, evidently lost as to the gravity of the situation. After Cherie tried to explain several times where we were the lady asked to talk to me despite the fact I was driving and trying to keep up with this guy. “Where are you” she asks the same thing she asked Cherie. “We are in Midland Texas”. “Where in Midland? What direction?” it continued. She argued with me when I told her we were at the loop and Midland avenue saying “Midland doesn’t come out to the loop on that side of town”. I tried to give her the license number off the car several times before she finally accepted it. By now the kid had gotten off the highway and had turned into an apartment complex. I gave up. It’s frustrating to try and do the right thing but be blocked by such ineptitude. We probably drove eight miles while trying to get this lady to simply inform the Midland police dispatcher so they could send out a car and get this kid off the road. It never happened.

I bought a sheet of pegboard and some strips of oak to use finishing the oven cabinet. Home Depot had a closeout on Ryobi electric hand planers so we picked one up. Slowly but surely I am gathering what I need for a decent wood shop. Last night I worked till 11:00 on preparing to mount the pegboard. Had to make twenty one or so two inch spacers so the pegboard would extend out to the edge to the counter top. That way I won’t have to worry about things falling behind the counter.

This morning I must harvest more of the spaghetti squash to take to church, where we will give it away. Cherie just told me she’s not feeling well. She’s been fighting this cold but that’s not it that. She says her chest feels fluttery. She will stay home instead of going to church and just take it easy. I’ll skip the regular service and just go to Sunday school.

I just looked up Cherie’s symptoms online and they could well be related to the Sudafed she takes to clear up her sinus’s.
4:42 – I don’t move half as slow as I want to, I move a lot slower than that, at least today. All I’ve managed to get done is hang the pegboard and that wasn’t easy. Never is when you must keep correcting mistakes, or at least mistaken ideas on how to do something. But it’s up so that at least is a job done.

I harvested 41 squash today. Took maybe fifteen to church where they all found homes. I wasn’t too bad when I got there. Lots of folks asked where Cherie was so I told them she wasn’t feeling well. They all made sure to have me tell her they missed her. Wally said they were thinking of renting the brush hog on Thursday. It has a front end loader on it so he figured we could get a lot of stuff cleared up. Eric may come over as well providing his work allows it. It would be great to have a few hands. The more there are the more gets done and the more enjoyable it is. There’s not much of a better camaraderie than when two or more are gathered together to get something good done.

I started getting a headache about halfway through Sunday school and it steadily increased till it was a whopper by the time I got home. I was going to buy milk and eggs but had forgotten my wallet. Glad I wasn’t pulled over. The headache is still there but aspirin did help make it manageable. I laid down when I got home but the puppies put an end to that when Rascal peed in the backroom. When they go out now one of us goes out with them so I had to get up. Now that I have the pegboard up I’m taking a break. Put the puppies in their room so I don’t have to worry about them. Cherie ran into town to get the milk and eggs I didn’t. I’m gonna take a few more aspirin and see if I can nap a little.
The puppies went out in the road again. I was swatting with the broom at the forty or so bees who were trying to find a way under the house to get at the honey they smell from the hive we destroyed last year and looking up saw both of them in the middle of the road. They always know when they are wrong and came running the second they heard my voice. It only takes seconds for them to get out of sight.

I asked Cherie where the cereal we normally kept on top of the fridge was and it brought out a hec of a smile. That’s cause she has cabinets to put stuff away in. She’s feeling much better by the way. Didn’t take any more Sudafed and that seems to have helped. I’m tired. I know there were things I wanted to write but can’t remember them now so good night.

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