Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Up and goin early

8/14/07 Tuesday
It’s 9:00 and I’ve already worked up quite a sweat. The puppies got us up a bit earlier than usual when Rascal climbed over the baby gate we use to keep them in the puppy room. It was just barely beginning to lighten up. We got dressed and went thru the procedure of getting leashes on them. Rascal was particularly uncooperative. He knew something was up and wouldn’t get closer than ten feet when I gave the command “Come”. This is a trait he has been exhibiting lately and something I need to remedy. There will come a time when his obeying that command unquestionably will be vital, perhaps for his life. So we took them for the walk up the dirt road to the back of the farm.

Coming back I…Damn, just remembered I have the hose watering one of the apple trees. Forgot all about it. Got to go fix that as I am sure there is a flood now.

Well it didn’t flood. Loosening the soil and building those containment basins around them worked well. It’ll be a well watered tree for sure. I moved the hose to the next tree. History shows a great likelihood I’ll forget that too. I’ll ask Cherie to remind me. So what I was saying, coming back I went to work on the apple trees (That’s why I remembered). Many of the leaves are spotted brown and drying out. Some show signs of insects eating them. I took most of the damaged leaves off. I think that will encourage new leaf growth but don’t know for sure. There is much new growth and a few flowers have bloomed. That’s nice but I will not allow fruit to grow this first year. Want all the trees energy to go to getting established and healthy. I do need to tie back the branches to begin training the shape of the trees. Have to get to that later.

With that done I grabbed the hoe and began attacking the weeds that couldn’t be reached with the brush hog. Lots of those. It’s already getting warm out and with the sun it didn’t take long to get soaking wet. I was glad when Cherie called to let me know the oatmeal and nectarines she had fixed were ready. I just don’t have the stamina I once did. After a few minutes rest I’ll get back out there. I need to finish up the cabinet too. There’s the debate. I need to do lots of outside work and want to take advantage of the cooler hours. So I’ll do some of that first. There’s lots of stuff that needs to be picked. Any of you readers want watermelons come on out and pick them. I’d hate for any more to go bad. Been eating watermelon every day and gave a bunch to the first church of Stanton but there’s lots more. Got beans, honeydew, and squash too so come on out. E-mail me at bobcarver2@yahoo and I’ll give you my number and directions.
11:20 – I’m done with outside work till things cool down. Note to self – Black T shirts don’t work well in direct sunlight. Whew, that sucker would get hot on the skin. I already knew this but like other things I know had to be reminded. I’m in for a bit, till I cool off and stop sweating. Stood in front of the air conditioner drinking the tea mixed with juice Cherie got me. Thank God for that gift (the air conditioner) It would be absolutely unbearable without it. We would probably drive to Midland and walk around in the mall all day without it. That’s another gift the Midland Christian community gave us. Good people doing good things bears good fruit.

I’m gonna hafta lay down for a bit, rest up from slinging the hoe out in that hot sun. Then it’s time to finish up the oven cabinet.

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