Tuesday, August 29, 2006

At least I did something

8/29/06 Tuesday
I took Fred and his car in to get the oil changed. That went fine. Knowing they now offered Wi Fi I took this laptop also. Turns out you have to get a password and get inundated with their adds to go online. It was a pain so I didn’t bother.

After that was done Fred wanted to take the panties and stuff he bought for Barb to her. He had to tell me the details of why he bought the panties, mostly because she didn’t have clean ones and needed them for when she goes into the hospital for her hysterectomy. “She’s supposed to be back at 10:30” Fred told me. We got there at 10:20 and Fred had me blow the horn. After getting no response he gets out and slowly makes his way to the door. Barb didn’t answer so after standing in the drizzle for five minutes he came back to the car. “That damn medical cab isn’t worth a darn” he said impatiently. We sat out there for forty five minutes when he asked me to call Barb’s cell phone.

Barb didn’t answer but she called back about ten minutes later. “Bob, you called me?” she asked. I explained we were waiting for her. “I’m in group. I told Fred I wouldn’t be home till 12:30. Typical. She started talking and I just handed the phone to Fred. It was his problem. He had me take the bags of stuff to Barb’s next door neighbor and we finally left. Fred wanted to buy me Arby’s for driving him around. He likes Arby’s cause they had a buy four sandwiches for $5.00 deal. He likes to pinch his pennies. Come to find out they only offer the deal with a coupon. That set Fred off so we pulled out of the drive through. I went into Kroger and got Fred some milk and a paper. On the way home he told me that IHOP was offering breakfasts for .99 and asked if I wanted to go. I’d been sitting in his car for over an hour and it was going on 1:00 so no, I don’t want breakfast. Then it was Burger King. “Fred, I’m not hungry” I let him know so we went home.

I got Robin’s present mailed. Had to buy a box to fit it and in order to get it to her in time sent it priority mail. By now it is 4:00. I sat at this laptop to work on the business plan and kept nodding off. Too tired to get anything done so I figured a nap would be a good idea. It helped. Cherie fixed chicken and we watched the news. Now I am awake so perhaps will get something done. We were going to go to Direct Buy and price things out for the house but I decided not to. We can do it Saturday when we are both a little fresher.

9:00 PM – Cherie is tired and going to sleep. I hope to use this time to work on that business plan that seems to elude me. Have to not allow myself to get distracted.

So much for that. I just spent an hour trying to get an E mail to my old friend and pastor Ron Charles. Don’t know if it’s Yahoo or what but nothing seems to work right. Every time I try to do something like go to the addresses section it would say it couldn’t find the website. Working on a headache now.

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