Saturday, August 05, 2006

Who knows what this day may hold

7/5/06 Saturday
I was sharp and energetic when I got up this morning. Got on the net and downloaded some stuff on pecan shellers as part of the research for what to do at the farm. There are several pecan growers in the area so perhaps having a sheller would provide a source of income. I also looked at the machines that shake the trees to gather the pecans.

Then I called Laura, whom we are buying the livestock trailer from. They had just gotten in from the state fair at midnight so were tired when I called. I asked her to check on what kind of electrical connection was on the trailer. Told her not to rush out right away “You can take your time and call me later” I said when I detected it was inconvenient. I also asked her to check on what the legal requirements for towing the trailer out of state. I would hate to pay for plates in Indiana and then in Ohio with Texas coming after that.

About twenty minutes ago I broke out in a sweat. Now I am getting that dizziness and pressure in my head that are a precursor to a partial seizure. This is not a stressed triggered slow down but the other kind. Hope it doesn’t last long. My brain speed is already reducing and I am typing these words one deliberate letter at a time. This sucks. I took my meds earlier this morning, about 7:00 like I am supposed to.

I plan on doing some writing today. Have been formulating the letters for Cherie’s family in my head for days now. I must write the companies that were listed in the credit report as some of those debts are real suspicious. I know for a fact that I never had an AT&T wireless account. There are some that collection agencies have that are not identified as to what they may be. There is something else I wanted to write but can’t remember it now. I might need to go lay down for a bit. Suppose I should post this.
It’s 3:00 and I am still pretty slow. Running a four on the Bob scale. Headache is steady but not at migraine level.

8:07 – Still slow but I just added lazy to that. Now I’m slow and lazy. Don’t feel like doing anything. Even watching the TV is not interesting. Actually I did get something done. I baked some brownies from scratch. They are easy and so much better than store bought stuff that I doubt I will ever make them again. The recipe on the back of the Baker’s Chocolate is called the one bowl recipe.

Cherie is out shopping. It is good to have a few spare bucks for once. Shopping is her realm, a world she is familiar with. I can see it now…”Her pulse quickens! She can smell it and the back her head tingles at the roots of her hair, with anticipation…There it is!!! A deal!!! A steal!!!”. I am sure this is similar to the charge a hunter or an athlete gets when they achieve a goal. God I love her. I am blessed.

Anyway, enough of the mushy crap. Here’s a picture of the brownies I made. Had to eat the corners to make it fit the platter. It's getting late for me. I know it's only 10:00. Goodnight

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