Friday, August 18, 2006

Confusing start.

8/18/06 Friday
Started out ok. Forgot the dishwater I was pouring so who know how long it was running. Because I had flooded the apartment a few times before I had gotten a plastic dish tub so the water would spill over and go down the drain. It was a good idea to compensate for my forgetting what I was doing two minutes prior and saved another flood.

I decided to go to Harbor Freight to look at lights for the trailer. I know it is on Reynolds Rd. so drove down it figuring I would see their store. Didn’t see it the whole length of Reynolds so I went to Lowe’s to price wire for the trailer. This turned out to be hard as I wasn’t able to deal with the myriad of isles, signs, and choices. It is the same thing I often experience in a grocery store complete with the dizzy head spinning thing. I had found the wire section but by that time wasn’t functioning well so had to leave. I drove carefully home. On the way I saw Harbor Freights sign. It is at the corner of Reynolds and Heatherdowns, right next to Murray’s Auto Parts where I often go to buy stuff. In fact I was just there a couple of days ago. This short term memory loss is a pain to say the least and makes things harder than they need to be. Oh well, that’s the way it is so I will deal with it. I’ve gotten good at compensating for it by making careful notes and developing routines but that doesn’t cover every contingency.

I am running at a 6 or so on the Bob scale. Not good but much better than a couple of days ago. Just called the county extension agent for Martin county in Texas. He is the one who has information on soil samples and stuff, at least I think he is. I talked to the receptionist who let me know the guy is out to lunch so I gave her my number for him to call. It is 1:00 now. I think I should lay down for a bit. I’ll take some aspirin first for the mild headache.

I called Wayne cause he wanted me to take him to cash his check. He said he was laying down cause he had been up since five this morning so would go later today. I said that wouldn’t work. I was free now and planned on being busy later. Hope he understood.
3:30 – The nap may have helped a little or maybe not. Still not very sharp. Wayne called and woke me up. He said that he may have accidentally taken his sleeping pills and that was why he was so groggy. He also said that he was going to have surgery for his bladder. I don’t quite figure that because this is a result of his visit with oncology a week or so ago. It just be some simple procedure because he is not going through a battery of tests that are usually given for surgery. Who knows. Wayne gets mixed up often and has been known to stretch things a bit.

I called the county extension agent back but his receptionist said he did not come back from lunch. I suppose he will be in Monday.

I am trying to figure out what to do now. I suppose I could go to Harbor Freight and look at lights and stuff but don’t really feel like going out in public right now. Maybe after I wake up more I’ll be up to it.

Never left the house. Stayed running slow, in fact I slowed down a little more. When Cherie came home we talked about that. It seems that things go in cycles. I might have a few weeks with almost no slow downs and then have a week or so that is pretty rough. It’s been rough the last few days. I’m due for some clear weather in this brain.

Cherie and I talked about the business plan and for that matter the written plan for everything we must make. She will research and price everything we will need in the furniture and house stuff like washers and things. That will be a big help. Will need that for the bank.

It figures that this brain clears up when it’s 10:30 at night. Would have loved to be this clear during the day when I could get stuff done. I’m going to work on the business plan now so this will be the last post of the day

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