Friday, August 11, 2006

What to do.

8/11/06 Friday
I am unsure of what to do this morning. I can think of several things I need to do and remember things I never got around to doing. It’s a wonder I get anything done at all. That’s why I have to make lists every day, no, should make lists every day cause I don’t make them enough. Those days nothing happens as I wander, doing whatever has my attention and seeing something else work on it, forgetting what I was doing before. Hell I forget to eat. In fact I should fix something now before the thought vanishes like a puff of smoke. “Woooshe” it’s gone.

I need to buy tires for the trailer. Will go to Crissey Rd Auto Parts for that. Not sure how to tackle the rest of the floor on the trailer. Need to crawl under it to see how things are put together.

I also should go see Nate. He is fairly well hooked up as far as knowing where to go to get something done and knows how to do stuff that I’m not to sharp on. There’s allot of stuff I am no longer sharp on nowadays.

To do list;
Get tires
Draw up business plan****
Draw map of farm.
Eat breakfast (Do that now dummy)
Get gas

2:26 – That wasn’t fun. When I went to get gas at Kroger I was expecting to get ten cents a gallon off the price with my Kroger card. Instead I got three cents. I confronted the clerk at the gas window but all she could say was “Well the computer says your not qualified”. Great, I got my receipt and drove straight to the main store. Going up to the customer service counter I voice my problem. I’m kind of an ass when pissed off. She got out some form and asked lots of questions to fill it out. “No, they can’t give a refund till I fax this to Columbus and they fax back a response. That’s how it’s done” was her response to my lets hurry up question. I wait, get handed back my receipt, and am told “Thank you, that’s all. You can go now”.

I came home to get the tire sizes. Cherie was home from work and boy is she tired. She’s been on her feet all day and I could see it in her face. I need to do something for her. I got it!!! I’ll make the meatballs I told her I’d do yesterday or so ago. We visited and she left to get back to work.

I got in the truck and headed out to get some tires. I know I don’t do well in unfamiliar places but didn’t expect it to be this bad. Walking in I told a lady who asked that I needed two tires. I was told to sign in and some guy who ran something there said go around back. OK. I signed in and walked around to the gate. Going through I looked up and saw piles of cars, motors, and tires. I waited for the guy who told me to come back there but no one showed up so I waited. Then I walked out in the junk yard looking at tires. “Do I take them off myself? How does this work?” ran through my head. I kept hoping someone would say “Can I help you?”. I was lost.

Here’s the strange part of this. Before the coma the BMV records show me as owning thirty four cars in seven years. I was always buying and fixing up cars. If not my own but Barb’s (My second wife), Bruce’s (Oldest son), and Adam’s. I had gone to Robbie Diller’s junk yard on Holland Sylvania many times and had hit Crissey Rd a few times also but I don’t remember it. Now I don’t know the routines, how things work, I am lost and it doesn’t feel well.

I went back up to the desk, looked at the lady behind the counter and said “I’ve never been here before so don’t know how it works. I went around the back and looked around so what do I do?”. She got some guy on the radio and he came in to fetch me. I am packed into a little bitty truck with some other guy who was looking for a part. Unfortunately this guy was huge. I couldn’t get the door to close so I hung on to it as we bounced wildly between the rows of cannibalized cars, trying not to swing out of the truck as we made a sharp left turn.

Big boy gets his part first and makes the decision to walk back to the office instead of hugging me in the truck. Works for me. Now his radio crackles to life. He has a part to get out now so I tag along cause I have no choice in the matter. Not jumping out of a moving truck.

He arrives at a white Volkswagen and “Sure enough” my guide says “It’s going to be a bitch. Larry doesn’t call me unless it’s a hard one”. I correctly interpreted that as “This is going to take a while”. It did. I am able to settle down a little, becoming less disorientated for the 45 minutes he fought the car.

Finally he got done and went to find me tires. I couldn’t keep up with his conversation as he would ask questions too fast. Not a good time. I mentioned seeing tires on a white van so we went there. I picked two tires just because they were a right size. Didn’t look at them closely, just want to get out of here.

Somehow this dim mind thought ten dollars was an appropriate price. Don’t have a clue where that came from but it was wrong. Up front I was told $25.00 each. I am having a problem processing this so say nothing. Looking up I said “I’ll have to go think about it. I’ll come back later. I only have forty with me” as I walked to the door. The guy who helped me said forty might be ok and asked Larry on the radio. Yeah it’s a go.

Now that I look at the tires I see they are not in good shape. I hate when this happens. I get lost and just have to get out and this time I got some poor tires. That’s why the farm will be good because everything will be familiar and a lot less hectic.

I think I will post this and work on the meatballs. No. I just remembered I have the truck backed up to the trailer to work on it. I don’t think I will now. I’m just goint to park the truck. Last night someone stole one of Ahmed’s tires off his Camero. Evidently they had a flat as indicated by the rim with a sliver of tire left around it that was used to hold the Camero up. I guess the car alarm was going off but these guys didn’t care.

This has been trying on me and I am tired.

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Nate~ said...

call me tomorrow morning, I am free till about 3pm, we can get the right tires for it, mark aat KRAP takes care of me and jeremy all the time