Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Slow this morning.

7/16/06 Wednesday
I am groggy this morning. Kind of thick headed with some remnants of last nights headache remaining. It's almost like a mild hangover only I don't drink. Come to think of it, brain damage is very much like being on drugs and alcohol. I have the confusion and the symptoms of a hangover with out the "good" feelings that come with a buzz.

I don’t have anything scheduled but am thinking of painting the rusty areas of the trailer with an anti rust compound similar to Loctite Extend. This chemically bonds with the rust and prevents it from continuing. I also plan on getting carriage bolts to bolt the floor boards down. Hope I clear up some. Running about a 5 on the Bob scale. Working on the business plan will be difficult when I am like this cause I will lose my train of thought often, forgetting what I just read or was going to write. Sometimes getting out and walking will help.
It’s 11:00 and I am still feeling rough and slow. This sucks. The headache, while not at migraine level, is still there. The brain is still only running at a five on the Bob scale, maybe even a four. It’s hard to tell until I have to interact with someone. These times scare me as I wonder if I will be able to handle the farm. I will get out and drive around to see if that helps. Maybe I’ll go to Andersons to buy the carriage bolts but going into that kind of environment is hard when I’m like this. Too much going on around me. Driving may not be a good idea cause my reaction times are real slow and I can get confused. I hoped it would clear up by now. This may end up being another lost day.
4:12 – It wasn’t a total loss. I spent the last five hours researching for the farm. I know I won’t remember much of what I read but it is downloaded in this laptop so I can go back and read and read again till it stays in this brain. I can learn just have to work at it harder than most. I found most of the material on pecan orchards from the New Mexico State University. At least I think it was them. All I really know is that it was from New Mexico. I figure that it is relevant because they are only a hundred miles or so away so the climates are similar.

I still have the headache and am slow running a five on the scale. Never got better than that. I stayed indoors all day, didn’t feel like venturing out while in this state. I get embarrassed when I must interact with others because I feel stupid and get lost. Have a hard time making basic decisions. I haven’t watched TV all day and kept at researching farm stuff. Took more aspirin but they don’t seem to help. I save the Tramadol for the migraines cause I can’t get more. That prescription was canceled a year ago and I still have a few left, mostly because of my paranoia of pain pills. Maybe if I smoked a joint it would help but can’t do that. I suppose it is time to lay down. Cherie will be home in a half hour.
8:30 and I am finally cleared up. Lost another day. Always hate when that happens but what the hey, I’m alive and five years ago I wasn’t. I may not like these problems but regardless I am blessed.

Just checked the Mapstats on the blog and it has been a busy day. I had visitors from Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain, the Yukon in Canada, as well as all over the states. I am sure some just ran into the blog as they hit the “Next Blog” button but many did searches for my blog or were referred by regular readers. Still blows me away that there is this much interest in our lives.

It’s been a rough day folks so I will call it a night. Thanks for visiting.


Hi5 Pimp said...
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Bob said...

I removed the post cause it had a link to a porn site. Don't need that, don't like that, won't have it around.