Saturday, August 26, 2006

rough start

8/26/06 Saturday
Yesterday ended up pretty rough. It was one of the partial seizures that made it hard to walk and I was dropping things. This morning I woke up slow and still have the headache but at least it isn’t at migraine level. Running about a 5 on the bob scale. This means you can hear it in my voice. Talk real slow and when Cherie asked if I wanted apple juice or milk I had a hard time deciding. If I am lucky this will clear up. If I am not I won’t go anywhere. I do need to take Denise’s computer back to her and set it up.

There is not much else I will write this morning. Mostly cause I’m not too clear and figuring out what to say is a chore for me right now.
11:43 – Still not up to speed. How do I describe this? It’s kinda like I’ve had a couple of beers, smoked a small amount of pot, my head feels like I have a cold with a slight fever on top of a headache. Can’t think very fast and damn sure don’t want to go anywhere unless this gets better. Still don’t have good control of my right leg and it is more numb than usual. This started yesterday with a moment of lucidity at around 10:00. I’ve got the blinds closed to reduce the light that I am sensitive to right now.

I am cooking pinto beans now. Bought ham hocks yesterday and started soaking the beans at that time. Cherie reminded me about them this morning, a good thing cause I didn’t remember them at all. This time I am going to keep it simple. Cherie told me that there is some spice I put in them she doesn’t like. I don’t have a clue what that would be cause I always just go through the spices and toss in whatever seems good. Then I forget what I put in. This time it’s just chili powder, salt, tarragon, onions, and a small bit of jalapeƱo pepper. Got to have that. It’s not for heat, it’s for the flavor. Maybe if I ate a big tablespoon of peppers it would clear this brain up. Hmmm, nah that would be too easy. Doesn’t work that way. I’ve taken aspirin and I guess I will break down and take one of the Tramadol that are dwindling down to just a few. Been hoarding them for over a year now and when they are gone that’s it.

Just called Cherie. She is over at her moms right now. My sister Robin’s birthday is coming up on the third of next month so I asked Cherie to shop for a gift. I really don’t know what she likes but suggested Cherie get a nice piece of glass. After all Toledo was the glass capital of the world for a while with Libbey glass creating the technology used to manufacture it.

It’s an hour later. I am clearing up some now though the headache is remaining firm. I’ll take what I can get.

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