Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Not keeping up well

8/8/06 Tuesday
Not keeping up with this journal well. Just got back from Anderson’s where I bought what I think I will need to get the truck wired for a trailer. Part of that is a cordless drill. Kind of hated to get that cause I when I start buying tools I want to invest in higher quality items. They just last better and do a better job. I looked around and got a Campbell Hausfeld drill cause it was 18 volts whereas the other cheap drills were 12 volt. I also knew they make a decent air compressor. Come to find out it is American made and came with two battery packs. Might not be as good as the two hundred dollar cordless drills but for fifty bucks it’ll do the job.

Crawled under the truck and had just started stripping the wires in preparation for splicing them in when the lawn crew showed up. I backed the truck till the rear end was over the narrow strip of grass and the end of the parking space. This gave me a comfortable place to lay as I worked beneath the truck. I hear the big power mowers start and someone else begins to pull the rope on a weedwacker. It sputters to life as I turn my head to gaze down the four foot wide strip of grass. “That needs to be cut” I think as it dawns that I should probably take a break now. I will have to get this done by tonight cause tomorrow I go to Indiana to pick up the trailer.

Speaking of that, I’m glad I remembered to get the money order for the trailer cause when I went to the bank they said I couldn’t get one for that much. The check from Texas hadn’t cleared yet so they couldn’t issue a money order till it did. “Nut” I thought and I explained that I needed the money order for the trailer I am purchasing tomorrow. The clerk called a manager over and she at first said they couldn’t but she remembered me and started trying to find a way to get it done. She called, checked, looked at our history and the five or six accounts we have. “All you want is the $500?” she asked me. “Yeah” I responded hopefully. “I think we can do that” she said to my great relief. I figure that if I had to I would write Cherie a check that she could cash at someplace else to get a money order. By the time the check came in the other check would have cleared and if it didn’t we’re still covered by the overdraft protection. Glad it worked out.

Now what? I think they are done mowing so I can work on the truck but it’s 5:00 and Cherie will be home from work so I’ll stay put up here.

8:17 – Just got done with the wiring on the truck. At least I hope so. Won’t have a clue till I plug the trailer in. That will be the test.

I’ve got a kicking headache now. Not good and it’s growing. Might hit migraine level. That’s whatever I decide is a migraine but I have a pretty good tolerance of pain. Turn off the lights and crawl into bed with no TV or nothing, That’s a migraine.

Cherie said she was going out and did. I asked her where she was going and she said she didn’t know. That’s strange to me. I always try to have a plan when I leave the house. Oh well, I hope she’s having fun.
I’m going to take pictures of the trailer hitch and plug. Took me all day to do what should have only taken minutes. It’s hard sometimes so I go real slow and deliberate and start over when I forget what I was doing. This headache is bad.

I tried to bundle the wires and tape them up so they are out of the way.

It’s after midnight now. I finally downloaded the pictures of the truck as if it will interest anyone. Just want to keep a record of the events in our lives. I am tired and will go to bed when I get this posted. I noticed the titles of the last entries and they say allot by themselves. Who knows what the day holds, A month behind, wandering through the day, and yesterdays entry “not keeping up well”. That’s the way it is.

Tomorrow I go to get the trailer. Cherie wants to go in the worst way. I can’t see her taking a day off to go pick up a trailer. If she really wants to she can. Time to post and go to sleep.

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