Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I wonder...

8/23/06 Wednesday
I wonder how today will go. Yesterday I was hoping to be on the upswing and could look forward to days of cognizance. That didn’t work out. I’m running a 7 this morning, which is average for me. Hope to get things done. Will take Allen to see Pirates of the Caribbean to get him out of his place and combat his depression. I think I’ll fix a big bowl of oatmeal and get myself motivated.

Got showered, decided not to shave cause don’t plan on seeing anyone I want to impress. Actually I really don’t want to impress anyone but don’t wish to be judged, to have someone think less of me cause I don’t come up to their standards for outward appearances.

I called Jeff and renewed our Friday morning get togethers for breakfast. Been meaning to do that ever since we got back from Texas but in typical Bob fashion never got around to it. Kind of feeling melancholy this morning and in retrospect am running at a 6, not the 7 I stated earlier. Don’t feel like eating but will make myself do so.
10:34 – I just got off the phone with Virginia. We had a nice talk and covered things like our plan for the farm, renting a house when we come down, rain, escaping the degradations of city life, organic farming, and lots of other stuff.

I am again not doing well, another slow down. This is driving me nuts. I don’t know why things have been so unstable lately. Was just telling Virginia about these partial seizures and now I am having one. The oatmeal I was cooking got forgotten about. I’ll have to chisel it out of the pot. Saved the top portion of it which I will now eat before I forget it is there. It is like a solid lump of clay but I won’t waste it. Having a hard time writing and have to go back and proof read this cause I’m not completing sentences. Dizzy and the headache is coming on strong.

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