Thursday, August 31, 2006

Try try again

8/31/06 Thursday
Another day, another attempt to get things done that need to be done. We are leaving for Texas in about six weeks if things go as planned. I am fairly sharp this morning, running an 8 on the bob scale. I slugged down three cups of coffee and am fixin to make another pot. Perhaps that will help me stay moving, if nothing else to the bathroom.

I called the guy in Midland who sells Aeromotor windmills because we never received a quote from him. He said he swore he had done that but would check his files to make sure. Regardless we don’t have it and need it for the business plan I haven’t written.

I left a message with Nate asking him to call. What I know is that generally if I don’t have something scheduled as in an appointment it simply doesn’t happen. The trailer needs to get finished also. For that I need, or at least could use a compressor and air hammer to bust loose the rust on the frame. Then I can use the product that bonds with rust to stop it’s action.

I whipped up some scrambled eggs for some protein. Now I have to take a Tums for the acidy stomach caused by the coffee. May have to take it easy on that. Time to check E mail and get on the business plan.

2:00 – Got distracted on the Homesteader website. Lots of good people and good advice from people who are out there doing it. It being farming, raising animals of all types, and generally being self sufficient. Time to fix some food and get focused.
Frustration is high. Was working or starting to work on the business plan. Kind of froze up. There is stuff I wrote that I can’t seem to find now. I have an E mail from Cathy that was a response to one I sent her. Can’t find the one I sent. This laptop is also freezing up. Can’t sometimes close a window. Eventually get a note saying program stopped responding. I am not doing well and it is because of stressing out. Freezes up this brain. Damn it. Got a head full of ideas that I can’t put on paper. I give for now.

It’s 8:00 now. I am still upset at this disability. Pisses me off to have to struggle to do what at one time was no problem. Cherie came home and her smile just brightened things up. She read the journal as she does to see how things are with me and came in, laid down, put her head on my chest, and looking into my eyes told me how much she loved me. That makes everything all right. Doesn’t take the headache away but makes it allot easier to handle. Other than that it was a crappy day. This laptop isn’t helping.


ByronB said...

Tried to add a comment yesterday, but Blogger defeated me!
Have you thought about using a dictation program that types as you speak - must be quicker than using a keyboard I should think?
Then you could pour out your thoughts about the business plan, and be able to review them on the PC later and cut out the rambly bits.

Bob said...

Actually I have a digital recorder I bought to help me with things like this three years ago. It can record three or four hours of conversation. Unfortunately it has been relegated to a drawer and forgotten. Thanks, I'll dig it out.

ByronB said...

Yeah, I was going to suggest a recorder, but then that's audio only, and I tend to lose concentration with something that's aural and no vision. Besides that, it's strictly sequential, whereas if you record a word doc you can skip up and down a page visually & cut and paste as you like.
I really ought to buy and try the software first - probably find you have to dictate slower than you could type anyway - otherwise keyboards would be going out of business!