Monday, August 21, 2006

Goona be a good day cause I said so.

8/21/06 Monday
It is a bright sunny morning. Temperatures will be in the low 80’s all week so I am grateful for that. Cherie had a hard time waking up this morning, probably because we were up late. I’m going to get moving and take the computer we got for Denise to PC World. Then I will probably work on the business plan. Better check my calendar first. It says I am to cook pork chops for dinner so that’s it I suppose. Think I will call Wayne to see if he needs anything.

He doesn’t. Jennifer is taking him to get groceries and cash his check. Gotta run.

Got the computer to the shop. Put the dishes away. Was going to marinade the pork chops it apple juice cause it’s great but found that these are already marinaded by the meat place Cherie bought them at. Time to get to work.
This was not fun. Lost a chunk out of today’s entry cause this damn laptop hiccupped. It’s driving me nuts and has been for a while. Anyway I got the computer to PC World. They just called me to say it was fixed. Evidently a cable came loose. I’m going to get it as soon as I get this posted.

Called Patrick Duffy, the lawyer who helped us with the estate. He gave me the name of the farmer who does organic farming. I’ll call him to get some advice. I also asked about the Civil Service insurance we had asked him to check into for us. Good thing I did cause he had forgotten about it. Patrick didn’t have a problem with us making payments on the $900.00 bill we have with him. That helps.

What else happened today? Other than this computer aggravating me to the point of cussing and throwing a pen I can’t think of anything. Oh yeah I can. The county extension agent for Martin county returned my call from Friday. He had allot of good information that helps me with the business plan and generally deciding what direction we should focus on. I’ll get into that later. Time to get Denise’s computer.
The only thing wrong with her computer was a cord to the hard drive came loose. They didn’t even charge me for it. Great people.

I can’t remember if I told you but the other day I found a brand new microwave next to our dumpster. It was still in the box. I brought it in on the off chance it would work. Kinda wondered if it had been stolen and left there because someone was in a hurry. Nope. When I came in Fred came out of his door and told me it was the one he had bought for Barb. It didn’t work and K mart wouldn’t take it back because they were closing the store so he stuck it out there. I plugged it in to see if I could make it work but had no luck. I called Nate to see if he wanted it cause I know he is pretty good at fixin stuff. “Bring it over” he said.

Cherie wanted to go with me so off we went. Nate wasn’t in so we went in and visited with mom and dad. It was a pretty good visit. I was sharp, running at a nine or so on the Bob scale. We talked about the farm and other stuff I don’t recall at the moment. Cherie’s sister Cathy came home from the school she works at. She had a handful of stuff she printed out for me regarding pecan orchards and other farm things. She is not only a big help but quite excited to do this as it is her education and something she loves. She teaches agriculture stuff at the charter school she works at. I will go over there tomorrow to visit and look at the greenhouse and stuff. Want to learn as much as I can and she is eager to teach.

While there someone rang the doorbell. I was next to the door and answered it. There was a young black man there and he asked if he could have the microwave that was in the driveway. At first I thought it was the stainless steel one I had just brought over but it was the white one in the garbage we saw when we drove in. I asked Cathy and she said it was trash so he could have it. I was impressed he had come to the door and asked permission instead of just taking it out of the garbage. Nate came home shortly after that so I told him about this. He went out to make sure nothing else was gone. Well there was. A couple of stainless tubs or something I couldn’t quite get that were in the same pile of garbage were gone. Nate wasn’t happy. I feel bad about it but think the guy had figured they were garbage because they were in the same area so he did not purposely steal. The stainless microwave was still where I put it along with a bag of aluminum cans and other things someone would steal. I should have gone out and watched the guy but figured he wasn’t a thief cause he had come to the door.

Anyway, besides that it was a good visit. Mom said she was glad we stopped by several times. Dad seemed more comfortable with me also. That was good to see. I told them that when we get the rest of the inheritance we planned on taking them all out to dinner before we go to Texas.

After that I took Cherie to K mart cause they had a sale going on and she wanted to look at some shirts. They didn’t have anything she wanted so after looking around we came home. I enjoy every moment with her, even shopping. I am not a shopper and go into a store to get a particular item and leave but with Cherie I am content to follow her around as she looks at everything.

Cherie went online and looked at the homestead site I’ve been participating in. I have encouraged her to do this because I feel it is a great community that we should be a part of. Actually I am already a part of it but think it would be good for her also. She has bookmarked the site now. She read much of it and some of my posts of different forums. I heard her laughing allot as she perused different areas.

It is almost one in the morning now. I am wide awake and sharp. My fingers are dancing on this keyboard which is a good indicator of my brain function. It’s a shame it’s so late. I talked to Allen today and will go see him tomorrow. He’s been depressed for a few days so I’ve pressed him to let me come over. Tried to get him to go to a movie but there isn’t much to see. I just want to get him out of his hole and isolation to help overcome this latest bout of depression. Downloaded some stuff from the Chronic Pain organization I joined to get information and help for him. Printed some of it up to take with me. I think I will post this and read the stuff Cathy gave me now. Then I should go to sleep whether I feel like it or not.

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