Monday, August 14, 2006

What happened yesterday??

8/13/06 Sunday
I’ve got allot of catching up to do. Yesterday was very busy with lots going on.

8/14/06 Monday
So much for catching up. Right now I am at MUO with Wayne. I brought him here for something in Oncology. I would guess that is a colon exam. Don’t know how long that will take but hope I have time to at least update this journal.

Yesterday ? What did I do? I remember running to Lowe’s with Nate to pick up some wood for the floor of the trailer. We looked at nuts, bolts, and steel. Nate said the prices were high so we should go get them at Anderson’s. I don’t know if we went or not. Nate has done lots of work on the trailer, beefing it up real good.

These pictures of the trailer are from Saturday. Cherie didn't get any pictures of Nate though he did 90% of the work.

Now I remember something. Cherie and I went to the Rib Off at the Rec Center. We had two half slabs of ribs. The first sucked but the second booth we went to was great. It was labeled as Texas Outlaw. I had a beer and Cherie a pop. The band was pretty bad and way to loud so we found a seat behind a trailer that blocked some of the sound. After that we went over to Cherie’s folks house to see how Nate was doing.

I know there was more than that done yesterday but this is all I can access in my memories. More may show up later. I am going back to the business plan for the farm. Saying that helps me remember that Cathy, Cherie’s sister, gave me a paper on putting together a business plan for the farm. Lots to it.

There is Wi-Fi here at the hospital so I will post this and some of the pictures of the trailer work.

That didn’t work for some reason so I had to shut down and start this laptop up again. I’ll try to get online now.
Figured something out. Some how this computer had set itself to work offline.

Alright. I just went and looked at my pictures to find things to put on the blog. I saw the pictures from the M.S. party so that memory was accessed. That happened Saturday and I see that I did not mention it in Saturday’s entry. That was a good thing for Wayne to go to and it was also good to reconnect with others in the group. Many of them had thought we had already moved to Texas so were surprised to see us. I got to talking about how Cherie and I got back together and that led to a little of my past. I think I may have shocked a few folks when they heard of prison and things.

Denise wanted to go to the rib off because a well known country singer was playing that night. I looked at Cherie and we silently agreed so I told Denise we would take her. That started a kind of confusion as Denise tried to get others to go. I had to take Wayne home so I told Cherie to hang tight and get things figured out.

The people who brought Denise to the party decided they would take her to the rib off and would call us when they arrived at the rec center. We went home and waited, and waited. I knew the concert started at 8:00 so presumed we would not get called when that time passed. Cherie and I both were tired and not terribly disappointed when the phone rang. It was them so Cherie politely said we would not make it.

That was Saturday. Sunday's memory is still not there.

That seemed to take a lot out of me. After Wayne got done having the doctors poke around his but he bought me some Arby’s. Then I took him to the license place to get a handicap sticker. With that done I took him home and picked up his mail. It seems things are moving forward for him to get his hearing. I went over the stuff Social Security sent Wayne and told him to call the attorney to let her know what he got. I encouraged Wayne to keep a to do list handy and to use it daily.

Wayne had some blocks of lead that he and his son were going to make fishing weights with. He asked if I wanted them cause he was throwing them away. I called Nate to see if he had a use and he does so I brought them to him. Then I came home. Cherie called to see if I was going over to her parents when she got off work. Yeah I’ll do that so we can work on the trailer more. I think I will take a nap right now.

This day has ended a little rough. I went and laid down, napping for an hour or two. Cherie came home from work and fixed something to eat. She could tell I was tired just from looking at my face. I called Nate to see if he wanted to work on the trailer. He called back to let me know the neighbors were complaining about him working late but would be free all day tomorrow. That worked well for me cause I wasn’t up to speed.

I ended up having a migraine, the kind where I turn off the lights and TV. Still have it at 10:30. Took some of the over the counter sleeping pills and another Tramadol for the migraine. Hope I sleep well. Night all.

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