Thursday, August 03, 2006

Stormy morning

7/3/06 Thursday

It is amazingly quiet in this apartment now, other than the sound of thunder as a cold front moves in. This is because it is now cool enough that I turned off the air conditioning and all the fans we had circulating the air around. It is storming and raining outside. We don’t need the rain because this city has been flooding and the ground is saturated which will contribute to more flooding. The farmers have been hit from this pretty hard so I know they hate to see it. Wish I could send the rain to West Texas where they desperately need it. Cool is welcome though. The heat has been hard on the old folks without air and those who work outside. Yesterday a construction worker died from the heat as he worked.

Allen called this morning at 6:30. Cherie took the call and Allen was surprised I wasn’t up. I had told him that our alarm is set for 5:30 but Cherie lets me sleep in. I still usually wake up by 7:00. I called Allen back to see what was up. Actually I talked with him yesterday so have a good idea of what is going on. He mostly could use a friend to talk to and help him correct the thought patterns that develop because of his depression and pain. Allen told me that he could use some help moving possessions out of a friends garage cause the guy is moving. I told Allen that I would be taking Wayne to the MS lunch bunch support group at 11:00 so would call him when I was free.

I will probably see Denise at the Lunch Bunch. Still haven’t taken the computer Jeff donated to her yet. Been thinking about it but never got around to it. That seems to be the Bob way of not doing things. Perhaps seeming her will spur me to action.

I turned off and unplugged Cherie’s computer because of the lightning. Also disconnected the phone lines to this laptop also. When the lightening cracked as I talked to Allen it flickered the lights. That will spur me to make up a back up disc so I won’t lose valuable information. All of my pictures are in this laptop and no where else so if they get gone they are gone for good.

I will risk going online to post this cause the storm has settled down a little.
Another example of getting lost. The MS luncheon is not today. I had not marked it on the calendar so my brain seemed to have the idea it was to be on the first Thursday of the month. Nope. Looking in the calendar at past meetings I find that it is on the second Thursday. Got Wayne up and was late getting to his place so when he asked to stop by his mail box I told him “We’re running late. Let’s pick it up when we come back”.
Then I loaded him in the truck and hurried to the Ground Round where the luncheon is held. Going in the waitress got quite confused when I said we were here for the luncheon. I looked in the room it is usually held in and only saw four old ladies playing cards. Damn. The waitress came back and said they had nothing on the calendar. Embarrassed we left and I took Wayne home.

He had a letter from Social Security so I made him read the whole thing instead of just glancing at it and deciding what it said without knowing. Then I asked him to get his lawyers phone number I had given him before we went to Texas. He searched through the various piles of papers with notes scribbled on them and couldn’t find it. I got on his case a little telling him he has to get organized. I have bought him folders and manila envelops for that purpose. He has a phone number section in the organizer I bought him so I said he needs to start using it.

I am frustrated. While trying to post a picture of Cherie and I on the Homestead website I somehow disappeared an entire folder of pictures that I had sized at 800 pixels for downloading to the blog. It is gone. Ran a search and it does not appear to exist anymore. I think I will go visit Allen now.

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