Saturday, August 19, 2006

Good start for the day

8/19/06 Saturday
Not a bad morning at all. Cherie and I went to Menard’s and looked at washers, dryers, stoves, fridges, and other things we dream about having at the farm. Didn’t buy anything but shampoo but got lots of ideas we will investigate. Mostly go to Direct Buy to see if they have the same brands. I already know the prices will be much better.

When we came home the guy I met yesterday was outside and came over to talk. He asked if I could cash his check for him. I wouldn’t but drove him to a check cashing place. We talked a bit and I learn he has five felony convictions and is on SSI for ADD, ADHD, Bi Polar, and who knows what else. He isn’t wrapped to tight but I can deal with that. I told him to keep going to church cause he needs what religion can provide as long as he doesn’t get crapped on like Cherie and I did.

Cherie went back out to shop. I am not sure what I will do. Cherie called he parents and found out that Jeremy lied when he went to court. Not to bright. He said the lady with the city, whom he is in court for, changed her story. Not a surprise. Can’t say much more as I just have a rudimentary idea of what happened so that means I don’t really know. Nate is sick and his dad is in town. That explains why he hasn’t returned my call. It is almost three and I am wearing out as I often do halfway through the day. I suppose it’s time for my nap. Sounds like I am a kid in kindergarten who has to take a nap. Don’t like it but from what I read on brain injury it is part of the territory. I sure miss when I would run eighty hours a week with my companies and still had energy to do other things. Now I feel like…Oh well. No pity party allowed here. I am lucky to be alive and blessed on top of that.

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