Thursday, August 17, 2006

A much better day

One must take care on his path for there are always dangers waiting to steal, kill, and destroy. Choose carefully where you tread.

8/17/06 Thursday
I am doing much better this morning. Didn’t sleep well, a bit restless but I don’t care as long as I am fairly sharp this morning. Running a 7 on the Bob scale. I hope to get lots done as I always hope. One of the things I want to do is research Pistachio nuts. They evidently thrive in 100 degree temperatures and sandy soil. That sounds good to me and judging from their cost in the store it might be a profitable product. I think I will go on line now and Google Pistachio to learn more.

Some how that didn’t happen. Some distraction or another. It doesn’t take much. I am still doing pretty good today and getting some stuff done. I am pissed at myself for going where I shouldn’t on the internet. Not good. This is an old fight and one that I have been successful at winning but…. You know, if you feed a monster it will grow. Keep feeding it and it will get stronger and end up devouring you. That goes for all addictions, whether drugs, alcohol, gambling, or anything else that can take over your life. When one is able to say “no” he can control his world and destiny.
We are getting ready to go to see the Broadway play “Mama Mia”. Cherie is having a hell of a time getting her make up on. Nothing is working right. I think she lost a contact also and had to find it.

I worked on the trailer today, chipping rust off the frame to get a solid surface for the stuff that will chemically react with the rust, thus sealing it and preventing further degradation.

Just got back from the play. Well worth the 120.00 bucks, at least to me. Cherie has been fighting some depression the last few days so this was just what the doctor ordered. She laughed, gasped, and had a great time. I enjoyed it also. Abba’s music has always been a favorite of mine and it was cleverly woven into the play which was actually written for the music. The talent of the actors, not just in the acting but with their voices enhanced this as well.

As it was intended to do the play evoked emotions and for me memories. I was surprised when I looked at the grey haired old lady next to me and saw her bobbing her head vigorously to the music. In fact I noticed the audience was very lively. I dimly remember going to a high school play that my son Bruce was in. The only other play I have seen was the original Grease that my mother took me to in Chicago during the 70’s on one of the rare times I saw her in my life. For some reason I had expected these older and more cultured folks to be staid and reserved. It’s a whole new world for me.

As the play dealt with subjects of old loves lost and then regained twenty one years later I couldn’t help but correlate it with Cherie and I. For us it was twenty five years. Still a wonder to us both.

I am tired and the back pain is at a high level so will call it a night. Actually it is well past my bed time, 11:34. Plus I didn’t take a nap this afternoon.

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