Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Going to Indiana...

8/9/06 Wednesday
Cherie announced she was going to take a day off work and go with me. I protested that I didn’t need to be watched by a mother hen and she said “That’s not it. This is important, this is our lives”. She sees buying this trailer as a momentous time in our journey to Texas. I like that and she’s right about wanting to go. She can take pictures also.

Cherie’s rushing to get ready so we will be leaving soon. I think I’ll take this laptop in case I can do the wi fi link up somewhere on the road. Time to pack it up.
We made it back. A hundred and ninety miles each way so that was six hours of driving. The trailer is rough with many needs but despite that it was a steal. The axles alone are worth more than the $600 I paid for the trailer. We stopped at Cherie’s folks house when we came home. Nate and Jeremy were just pulling up when we arrived. They were astounded at the trailer. It went something like "Whoa!! you got a good deal". I like hearing that. Of course I do, we all could use an "attaboy" now and then. Sure it’s got some major bad spots but they are mostly cosmetic. Rust and some parts that need to be screwed back on.

We stopped for something to eat and saw new trailers for sale at a farm supply place so pulled up to check them out. This little skinny atrophied thing is $899.00. This trailer next to it is marked $1299.00. Over twice what we paid for ours and it only has one axle, a rather wimpy one.

Yeah we did good. Helps to be lucky or blessed, whatever you call it.

I am tired. Will take the trailer to the car wash and clean it out. I’ll write more later.


ByronB said...

Looks like a bargain - good move!!

Sounds like you fixed the electrics OK as well!

Bob said...

Thanks Byron. I'll put close ups of the trailer, showing areas of concern, and we'll see how much of a bargain it is.