Thursday, August 10, 2006

Busy? Probably

Look carefully to find the indians on horseback.
(I think you'll find clicking on this to make it larger well worth the effort.

8/10/06 Thursday
It will be a busy day I think. Cherie left directions on how to do laundry so I will get on that this morning. Got to get a roll of quarters first. Then I will start tearing the floor out of the trailer.

I wonder if I could make a face with a little paint here?

I called Wayne this morning and asked if he would like to help me work on the trailer. I know he can’t do much but figured he would enjoy being out. That reminds me. I need to call about the lunch brunch, to see if they are having it. Better do that now before I forget.

You can see how old this trailer is. They haven't used this type of trailer hitch for decades

Just got off the phone with the lunch bunch lady. They aren’t meeting at the ground round cause they are doing the party this Saturday instead. Time to post this and start moving.
I just came in from removing the top layer of the floor in the trailer. This started out poorly. I told Cherie when she was heading back to work from lunch that I would hook up to the trailer without anyone to give me directions. She said I should wait till she got off work but I claimed it would be no problem. By golly I did it to. I’d back close and get out to see how close I was and then jump back in to shift the truck around and get closer. After going around this circle for a bit I was finally close enough to hook up.
Getting the trailer attached I jumped in the truck to move it close to the dumpster. “Something isn’t right here” I told myself as the truck struggled to move. I heard some popping noises so got out to see what was going on. “Damn” I said when I saw the 12 foot of chain Cherie and I had purchased last night to secure the trailer. It was still attached between the two wheels and the suspension I had chained but had made a journey around the wheel as I pulled forwards. It’s a good chain. You can see the skid marks of the tires as well as the small trenches the lock and chains had dozed up for five feet. Nah, I didn’t take a picture of that. If you really want one let me know and I’ll go out and take it.

I’ve got another one of those splitting headaches. Second one in two days. It didn’t take me long to turn into a ball of sweat out there. The floor came up easy enough, just in lots of little pieces which made it more work. Why they put particle board on I don’t know. It was just a moist crumbling mess soaked with goat pee now. Lots of carpenter ants living in this floor. The are scurrying to get the eggs to safety as I rip up the floor.

I quickly understand how out of shape I am or how bad I had hurt myself in the wreck five years ago when I do stuff. Tough, this is good for me cause I need to get my lazy ass motivated. Besides that it is exercise. I read that it is good for you. Can’t tell at the moment but the pain will go away.

If you want to see a complete pictorial go to the blog we created to show what happens on this journey.Creating the Dream.

I went to post this and found myself nodding off as I waited for the computer to load. Pretty tired. Think I may have to nap. Seems wimpy but that’s the way it is. Always wish for the stamina I once had.

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