Monday, August 28, 2006

Try to stay focused

8/28/06 Monday
I’m going to try and stay focused on the business plan. Ran out to get some egg McMuffins cause I didn’t feel like cooking breakfast. Fred caught me when I got back. I am scheduled to take his car in for an oil change so he has now planned a whole days worth of things he’d like to do. I did tell Denise that I would install her computer today so need to get that done. Maybe later. I’m not going to spend allot of time on this journal now so I can get focused on the business plan.
Just spent two hours on The Love Story, getting pictures on the blog I am setting up for it. Then it all disappeared. *&%##@. That’s putting it nicely. Tried again to do it but something is screwy with Blogger now so the blog didn’t show up right.

It’s almost noon and I haven’t touched the business plan. Got another headache and the frustration level is pretty high. Cherie called to let me know she would not come home for lunch. That is understandable as it takes ten or fifteen minutes each way to get here and doesn’t leave her much time. I think I will heat up some of the beans I made and lay down to unwind a little.

It’s 1:50 now. Just woke up when the phone rang. I was up till 2:00 in the morning last night so that contributes to how tired I am. Was reading stuff about “U Pick Farms” that is a concept I was looking at. It is a good viable way of selling products but has its problems. I am not real good at interacting with people so that’s a big factor.

My frustration level is at a high level. Cherie and I just had words by E mail. I have been asking her to make the corrections to the Love Story that I had written about us for quite a while now. Originally it was a few months ago but it had languished unfinished as almost everything I start does and I just finished it a few days ago. By my pushing to get her to do it she got upset. I guess if you add menopause and the politics at her work place it makes things worse. But, while that bothers me what really has me frustrated is Denise’s computer. Just had it fixed again so I took it over to install it.

I was thinking that this would be good and all I had to do is hook up the wires and she would have a great computer. She was excited to see me and talked about how good it would be to be able to E mail and go online. I got everything hooked up and turned it on. It took forever to load up but I figured that was because it had just been cleaned up at the computer place so had to recalibrate or something. Then I put in her disc for SBC internet. It didn’t work. In fact the drawer wouldn’t stay closed. Every time I would put the disc in it would just open back up. I got to looking at her old computer and it has a Pentium 2 chip just like this one I got for her did. Now that I think about it this computer from Jeff may not be any better than what she had. It just has Windows 2000 instead of 98. Here I thought I was doing something and it looks like I was, I was wasting time and money.

So what have I accomplished today? Not a damn thing. Oh! I washed dishes! Big F—ing deal.


ByronB said...

You're certainly piling the pressure on yourself at the moment, Bob - have a couple of days off!!

Bob said...

Can't afford to not keep trying to motivate. This is something they taught at the brain injury institute. If you stop pushing you have the danger of vegetating where you just give up trying.