Sunday, August 20, 2006

Good morning world

8/20/06 Sunday
Good morning world. Not doing bad this morning though I did wake up with a headache. We will take the computer Jeff donated over to Denise today. About time. I’ve had it for two months now. Maybe we will make it to the park today. Haven’t gone there since before we went to Texas.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the
Homestead site lately and have been expressing my view of things. Kinda nervous about that cause expressing my opinion has caused many problems before. They are good people and I think many are kindred spirits but I don’t keep my history a secret. We’ll see how it goes. Time to get a shower and moving.
Went to Denise’s with the computer. We visited and as always were deeply touched by her humor and courage in the face of this disease. I worked on getting the new computer hooked up and when I turned it on got a message saying the hard drive was unavailable. Nuts. Gotta take it back to the shop tomorrow.

Taking Denise to the park was fun but short lived. Forgot how bad the mosquitoes can be, especially after all the rain we had. I had forgotten to take the cell phone so when Cherie tried to call to say they were going to stop by the house and pick some up there was no answer. We took both the truck and her car because there isn’t room for Denise’s wheelchair in Cherie’s car so I carried the wheelchair and Cherie took Denise. After the mosquitoes chased us out of the park we stopped at Shivers for ice cream. Denise insisted on buying. As we talked she told us about how her parents charge her $180.00 a month to stay there and when they take her out to a restaurant she must pay for her own meal. It boggles our minds that parents would treat their child that way. I know Denise is 42 years old but she is slowly dying from the MS. Hers is primary progressive just like Wayne’s so it is a steady downhill slide.

We got her home after stopping to buy the lottery tickets she wanted. She got three scratch offs and three Mega Millions. I hope she wins. There is one ticket for each of us but if the one she gave me wins I’ll give it to her.

We are both tired so I’ll call it a day. Night all.

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