Monday, August 07, 2006

Wandered through a day

8/7/06 Monday
I have wandered through a whole day and made it to the end. It’s 8:45 PM now. Cherie was exhausted. I cooked the Salisbury steaks as hamburgers for Cherie. It was what she had planned on fixing but was pretty wiped. She fixed pears with cottage cheese after though she didn’t feel at all like doing it. It was good. I laid in bed a while and came out to check on her. She was sleeping as she sat upright at her computer. The screen read “Server cannot not be found” as I stroked her cheek to wake her…”OK, That didn’t phase her. I’ll stroke a little harder”. Finally she stirred and looked around trying to get her bearings. “Honey, why don’t you go to bed” I said as I led her mumbling “I’m tired” to the bedroom. She laid down and disappeared into a much needed sleep. That’s where she is now. I wanted to watch the new “Prison Escape” show and something else but she’s asleep.

Nope! Now she’s up. Every time we look into each others eyes all I can think to say is “Damn”. I can’t believe still that we are back together. Just blows me away.

What happened today?? I don’t know at the moment but let me work on that. The calendar helps me remember. It first had a note to call Jeff Lemke but I never did that. Then…”That’s right! I took Fred shopping” the memory appears when I see that scheduled. I took Fred to the Dollar Tree and then to the Kroger on Detroit he likes. It was as usual and I helped him through the list he so carefully made. The list helps a lot.

I was going to take Wayne to cash his check but he called to tell me he had a blood sugar problem and would take a nap. Not good. I went on a quest to find a 2” trailer ball that would fit the commercial bumper on the Silverado. I tried em all. Walmart, Walmart super store, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Menards, Sam’s Club, and gave up. Came home and let my fingers do the walking. It was near the corner of Airport and Reynolds and I drove by it several times on the quest.

Put the trailer ball on and looked at the wiring for the trailer hookup. Hmmm. Got’s some figurin to do.

Now it is 11:00 at night. Didn’t get much written. Will try to fill in the day tomorrow.

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