Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Will anything get done today?

8/30/06 Wednesday
Another day. Had to look at the calendar to see what day it is. Haven’t had to do that as much lately. Not the best sign. Will this be another in the long list of days I haven’t accomplished anything? I hope not. This is a frustration I have had since I woke from the coma, not finishing anything I start. I manage this journal ok. Mostly because it is a routine I have developed and also because the entries usually don’t take a long time. If I get distracted I can pick up where I left off. The business plan is harder. I think up things to say and then forget due to anything else getting my attention. That includes just having my thoughts wander to another subject. Also I have a hard time organizing these thoughts and get confused on what to write where. I used to write business plans and complex proposals all the time prior to the accident. It is hard to look at myself and see how much is lost. I am afraid. Will I be able to do this farm? Don’t know right now. I’m probably just depressed cause I am usually more positive. I’ll get over it.

Typical. I went online to post this and forgot when I checked my E mail. Just going back online to get it done. Not real speedy this morning but not bad, running a five or six on the bob scale

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