Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Evidence of God

I am constantly amazed at how things seem to come together. As I hoed down weeds a white car did a u-turn and went to the field next door, where I saw someone get out and start picking peas. Rascal and Trixie kept barking and heading over there so I finally had to put them in the house. I had an urge to go over and meet the people and decided to follow through on the thought. So I introduced myself to the African-American lady who was picking peas and we started talking. She was there with her mother and they were on their way to El Paso for a church conference. She told me she was from Snyder, a town not far from here, and had picked peas from this field twice before. Of course I told her our story, as I am prone to do. Come to find out her husband had a tumor in his brain and is currently undergoing rehabilitation for the damage it caused. This is the amazing part. Before my injury I can’t remember running into situations with TBI (traumatic brain injury) many times, except a former boxer who had obvious issues. Since I woke up I find TBI survivors and caregivers for them everywhere I turn. So we talked and shared. In my quest to find God things are lining up in ways that can no longer be excused as just coincidences. It becomes more apparent as I go that there is an unseen hand guiding our lives, and thus I find evidence of God and His love. It is my daily prayer and it is answered. I told her the blog address and it will be interesting to watch what comes of this.

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