Monday, October 19, 2009

Now what do I do???

OK, Now what do I do??? I dug this hole about five feet deep thinking that I would find the feeder line here. Why would I think the feeder line would be here? Because someone in the distant past took the time and effort to drive an iron pipe that deep into the ground and then made sure it was protected with a piece of plastic pipe over it. In my pseudo logical mind I assumed someone went through all that effort for a reason and I deduced that the reason would be to mark the location of something buried deep under the ground, something like a water pipe. I didn’t find anything except what looks like a gopher tunnel a good two foot deep. I’m sure there’s a pipe somewhere but I’m not inclined to dig a five foot deep trench until I’m lucky enough to find it, not when I can backtrack from the water spigot.

Which is what I did. The feeder pipe looks like it’s a two inch or more size tube. That falls into line with what Al told me while they were helping fix the wall. I’d mentioned that I thought the pipe from the well was 3/4 inch and he expressed his doubts judging from the water pressure at the house. I don’t know where I got the idea it was 3/4 inch, but once that thought was in my brain it stayed. So in this picture you can see where it angles in, from the direction of the highway of all places, and is reduced to a smaller size. It then feeds into the water spigot. I’m anxious to know where the water feeds into the house so I dug on the other side of the spigot and found evidence of a pvc pipe heading out from it. I’ll assume that it’s the one going to the house despite the fact that assuming has gotten me into trouble before, especially where it comes to how this house is put together.

So I know what I want to do. I just don’t know how to do it. I have three water pumps that I recovered from the landfill. Two appear to have been for swimming pools and the other is a “jet” pump. I’m not sure what a jet pump is but think it might have been attached to a spa or a hot tub, something with a whirlpool type feature. I haven’t tested the pumps to see if they work but I know the motor is good on at least one of them. Plus one has a big filter attachment that I'm hoping to use to filter the water before it goes anywhere. My thoughts are to install one inline in order to increase the water pressure so I will be able to run more than one water sprinkler at a time. This will go a long way to enhancing my ability to irrigate. In order to do this right I also need to get a pressure tank so that the water pressure is maintained at the correct level and to prevent me from blowing things apart. That costs money and we have the CRP funds available. I just don’t have the technical knowledge on the proper way to put all this together. So I’ve got the pipes exposed but am not sure what to do next. Nuts. Hell, it’s lunchtime so I’ll grab a bite to eat and think about it.
Don’t know anything more on a full stomach than I did before. So I should seek out some advice. Won’t be hard to find someone who knows more than I do.

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