Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Life renews

10/6/09 Tuesday
It’s a busy day ahead of both of us. Cherie is real busy at her job as the new pastor is in and with that comes change. She’s an administrative assistant at a church, by the way. Tuesday is always a busy day for her as it’s the day the church newsletter gets put out. There is rain on the way so I want to be ready for it and put out about seven hundred pounds of rye seed for winter. I worked on chopping down weeds, that look like trees because I haven’t kept up with them, yesterday. It was a 94 degree day with high humidity. It quickly reminded me of how out of shape I am and I didn’t finish the section I was working on. I’ll hit that today. Also I plan on writing a request for “discovery” to the court for the traffic ticket. That will ask for evidence I need to fight the ticket such as the type of radar unit and the officer’s training, among other things. Also I’ll drop off information to the Texas VA representative for our dispute with the VA over the disability payments they want back. Plus it’s a poop scoop day so I’ll be going to Midland for sure.

Our church family has been so supportive during this time of sorrow with my dad’s passing. We got lots of cards and a few phone calls too. They are supplying dinner for us starting yesterday and I think ending tomorrow. We had a chicken casserole last night that was wonderful. We also got a full pan of brownies and an apple dish that is rich and good. I love it but guess we’ll put our diets on hold a couple of days.

I’ve been thinking about dad a lot, guess that’s normal. With it comes a lot of worries, and hopes, about the future with my family. My brother is a big concern and I ponder how to approach him a lot, wondering what will work and what won’t. Regardless I won’t sit and do nothing. That’s not me. If you let wounds sit and fester they just get worse and the infection spreads.

Time to get to work.
It’s noon now. The cold front blew in and sure makes it more comfortable to work out there. With it came dry air. I’ve been working on the blackeyed pea plots, tearing down the weeds and rolling up the drip irrigation tape. I was going to leave it in the ground but learned from a farmer that he always rolled his up. He knows a lot more about stuff than I do so I’m following his advice. I typed the subpoena for information on the ticket up this morning so that’s done.

3:00 – I’m getting ready to head into Midland. A comment made on Monday’s post made me aware of something God wants me to deal with. This is a season of restoration for me, and I am now seeing how God’s hand is miraculously bringing things about. That awareness came as I pondered the comment and all the other things that have been occurring the last few weeks and months. The more I thought on it the more I was able to see the hand of God bringing things about. My dad’s death came with a moment of reconciliation that I will be eternally grateful for. So now it’s time for some restoration and forgiveness here in Stanton. At least I hope it is. This has been on my mind for a while and I started writing a letter for that purpose but never followed through on it.


Tana said...

I wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I also would like to tell you how sorry I am that you lost your father. Lost really isn't the right word; you had "found" him. Only you didn't get to re-connect as you had hoped you would.
Your comments each day always bring some light into my world. I suffer from depression and after a long and abusive marriage, find myself starting over again. So the days that you feel that you sluggish and that you can't seem to do anything, but you make the effort and push yourself to accomplish at least one thing is one of the reasons that I keep reading. Your ongoing story of you, your wife, the dogs, and the farm help give me the courage to face each day. May the Lord bless you and yours.

Amy said...

Tana, please contact me, I'd like to speak with you.. Thanks!


Tana said...

Amy, you can contact me by email

Bob said...

Tana- It always encourages me to hear that I in some way inspire and encourage others. My problems are so small compared to others I know. For me the most valuable thing in creation is not what I can do for myself but what I can do for others. You and Amy will be good for each other so I see this meeting as providence.