Monday, October 26, 2009

Good news, bad news, it's raining

I took this a few days back when we had the fog.

10/26/09 Monday
This computer’s driving me nuts. Had a whole post written when the power cord slipped out. Because the new battery doesn’t work, for some reason that I don’t yet know, that shut everything down so I lost it all. Frustrating. So I start all over again.

It didn’t rain last night but it might rain this morning. I’ll take all the rain we can get but it won’t be convenient this morning. The old man called and would like me to do some work this morning. Of course working in the rain wouldn’t be fun but I’ve done lots of that here on the farm. You know, do what you’ve got to do when you’ve got to do it. I disked up ninety percent of the land but haven’t gotten the rye seed sowed yet. I want to fabricate something I saw online to do that with. Spreading the seed I’ll do with the broadcast spreader as I’ve done before but instead of pulling it by hand I’ll figure out a way to pull it with the tractor. Then I want to tie a bunch of old car tires together so I can drag them behind the tractor and thus cover the seed. Looks a lot better than raking it in by hand. I need to check the tractor over and see if I can get it to run smoother. It’s raining now, I can hear it outside. Praise God for rain.

That’s it for now. I need to email stuff to the UTPB small business development people regarding our business plan so best get to it before I forget.

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Amy said...

just my two cents ;-) but a piece of chain link fence might be easier to attach to the tractor and might not be so destructive as the tires, I have a friend who uses an old bedspring too (with the mattress fabric stuff burned off of course lol!)