Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Frost this morning

10/27/09 Tuesday
It’s going to be another busy day, I hope. I’ll be sanding and perhaps staining at the old man’s this morning. Then it’s a poop scoop day so I’ll make a trip into Midland. At some point I need to crawl under the truck and check out the U-joints. Something is vibrating bad, especially when I get over sixty MPH.

There was frost on Cherie’s windshield this morning so it froze last night. Good thing I covered the pipes. I need to figure out a way to drain the irrigation system pipes for winter. Perhaps I should put in a shut off valve where I just tied into the well. I put in two valves when we installed it but there are two spigots prior to where the valves are and that’s where the potential problems are. Those spigots rise over a foot above ground so would be vulnerable to freezing, cracking, and spewing water all over the place with the only way to stop it turning the well off. That would cut off water to the house. So it wasn’t the best planning when I put it all in, but that’s how it goes. As I write I figure things out so the decision was made while I wrote this. I need to dig the pipes back up I just installed and put in a shut off valve.

That’s it for this morning. I’ve got to run the old man’s in an hour and there are some things I want to do before I go so bye.
2:30 – I’ve still got more stuff to do at the old man’s but called it a day. It’s a poop scoop day so that needs to get done. It’s frustrating to get this tired in the middle of the day. So I’ll lay down for an hour and get moving after that. I know it’s part of a brain injury and read all about it but it gets me that I need to take a nap in the middle of a day as if I’m ninety years old or something. Plus I often don’t need to take a nap but it sure is hitting me today.

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