Thursday, October 08, 2009

Muggy day

10/8/09 Thursday
It’s muggy out. Lots of moisture in the air and lots of clouds. There’s been a chance of rain circulating around us for days but we haven’t gotten any of it. It sure would be nice to get some rain, we sure could use it. I suspect that the headache I had was triggered by the weeds I was chopping down. When I thought about it I’d had one the last time I messed with the weeds. Oh well, there’s more weeds to chop so that’s the way it is.

We had a surprise come in the mail yesterday. Someone who follows the blog and we’ve not met sent us a nice letter telling of how she grew up on a farm and understood the trials we go through, especially with this old house. She included a check that she asked go towards fixing things on the house. Cherie cried and I almost did too when I read it, but I’m a strong man and men don’t cry, right? I suppose I debunked that theory years ago. There has been plenty of crying since I woke from the coma and it’s good to cry, a little.

I haven’t worked on the business plan much the last few days but need to get back on it. I will call the UTPB business section, the one putting on the seminars, and set up a time to meet with them. They help people do this and I can use all the help I can get. But today I think I’ll keep working outdoors, at least this morning I will. I want to buy some Bermuda grass seed but need to research what kind to get. There are many different varieties. One of them will work best out here with our soil and dry conditions so I need to figure out which one and where to get it.

I’m drawing a blank as far as anything else to write about. I did email my sister and she emailed right back. This is always good news with me, communicating with my family. Pray that the wall between my brother and I gets broken down. That will take some work.


Anonymous said...

Nice to get surprises!!!
My folks don't actually follow your blog, I copied a few of your posts and emailed them (they aren't real internet saavy) and have talked about you and Cherie to them a lot. Both of them actually grew up on farms...and poor. So they both know how hard it can be.
They are awesome people. And I'm proud to be their daughter! =)
Hope to see you Sunday.
Love and hugs Vickie

Bob said...

It is a blessing. Thank them for us.

Anonymous said...

Yes...God is blessing us all the time!
I think it would be more appropriate/appreciative if you sent them a little thank you note instead of me telling them.
Have a good rest! And I hope you get your links restored too!
Love and hugs Vickie

Bob said...

We were already doing that. Just want to add your touch too.

Anonymous said...

Ah...ok....will add my touch too! lol
How are you enjoying this nice crisp weather today? I love it myself...
Not much of a hot weather person, but love the cool air!!!
Love and hugs Vickie