Friday, October 02, 2009

Heading to the funeral

10/2/09 Friday
We’re getting ready to go to Georgetown for my dad’s funeral. There are lots of thoughts running through my head regarding what we’ll find there when it comes to my family and stuff. I’m a stranger to them all and most of the information they’ve had regarding who I am and what I’ve done came from unfriendly sources such as my bitter ex wife. Then there’s my brother, who also displays open bitterness. My sister is the bright spot and the only one who has talked with me, but those conversations have been rudimentary via email. So none of them really know us. Robin told me that dad passed peacefully with “all of us there”. It hurt to not be included in the “all of us”. I had made sure to tell her I was ready to get there at a moments notice in case this happened. So I’m real unsure of what we will find there, especially with my brother and his influence. So pray for that.


Anita said...

Im sorry to hear about your dads passing. I hope you and your wife have a safe journy to the funeral. Thans for sharing that great photo of your Dad with us.

Jacob Da Jew said...

Sorry to hear about your loss. R.I.P.

Bob said...

Thanks Jacob and Anita.