Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Foggy morning

10/14/09 Wednesday
It’s a foggy morning. I see that as a photo op so got out and took some pictures. Made sure to get some of the pump jack because our friend, Janie, said she’s taking or collecting them. It’s also going to hit ninety degrees today so I won’t waste time this morning writing and will get out on the tractor and get as much done as I can. That tractor is such a blessing despite being as old and beat up as I am. I’m not really old, being only 53, but sure am beat up. I can do in an hour with the tractor what would take me all day to do before. Yesterday evening I disked up where the apple trees used to be, before the gophers killed them. When I came in I discovered my wallet was no longer in my pocket. Nuts!!!. It was dark by then so I grabbed a flashlight and went searching. Fortunately it had worked it’s way out of my pocket and fell behind the seat of the tractor. Otherwise it would have been plowed under the ground. So I’ll take it out of my pocket before I get on the tractor and hopefully will remember to do that in the future. Should get a biker wallet with the chain that attaches it to your pants, but that’s not always convenient with my dressing styles.

So I’ll post some pictures and get out to work. When done outside I’ll come in and work on the stone floor where the woodstove sits.
11:58 – If I didn’t quit working I wouldn’t know how tired I am. It’s so strange how that works. I’ve been out on the tractor all morning and didn’t have a clue how late it was till the tractor stalled and I looked. Seeing it’s about lunchtime I climbed off and came in. That’s when the tiredness washed over me like a gentle breeze. That’s also when I became aware of my pain level as well. It’s easier to ignore when your busy. I suppose I’ll get something to eat because it’s that time of day. I need to make a water run into Stanton and get twenty more gallons of our drinking and cooking water so I’ll probably grab some taco’s at Carrols roadside stand and check the mail as well. Rascal and Trixie came in with me and are crashed next to me on the bed. Only takes them seconds to do that. As much as they love to go for rides I’ll sneak out and leave them behind. They get too rambunctious when I take them into town, barking like crazy at everything. But I also need to take the trash to the landfill so they can go with me there. I took my afternoon pain pill so that should kick in, in about thirty minutes. I’ll just rest here till then and do some quick online stuff like post this and check email.
4:32 – I ran the tractor till it ran out of gas. Burnt some piles of weeds and hauled dirt into the backyard where I’ll use it to build up the soil over where the cesspool is. I guess it made it to 90 degrees, or at least it seems like it. Haven’t worked on the stone floor inside yet, just stayed focused on what I was doing outside. Now it’s lay down and rest time. It’s been over four hours so I can take another pain pill. Cherie should be getting off work in a half hour, as long as she doesn’t have to work over. I’m wiped. Probably will take a nap as I just nodded off.

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