Monday, October 19, 2009

Sticky situations

10/19/09 Monday
It’s Monday. Ok, so what am I going to do? I need to start buying supplies for next year’s farming. There’s fertilizers and soil treatments, organic pesticides, irrigation materials, seeds, and other stuff that I need to start making a list of. I should pick up some more manure from the old man. Then there is continuing the project of locating and digging up the feeder pipe from our well. Once I do that then I need to do lots of plumbing to hook it up and also install a booster pump and pressure tank. And there is the continuing work of preparing beds for spring planting. Plus I need to plant rye seed over the entire five acre plot, but that’s not urgent and can be done later, I think. I also want to build an extension off the garage, which is what the two telephone poles are for. This will provide badly needed storage space.

There’s so much we want and need to do but the resources aren’t here. As we consider these things my thoughts naturally turn to the possible release of funds I inherited from my dad’s mother that he had control of prior to his death. “How much is there?” I wonder and also wonder when I might get it. I know there was at least ten thousand there from correspondence I had from my brother in 2003. But there’s the paranoia I must deal with, paranoia that is based on my brother’s past actions, so I wonder if those funds are still there and worry he will devise a way to steal them. Paranoia is a nasty thing to have plague you and dreams up scenarios that are unlikely. Like Dr. Phil says “Past performance is a good indicator of future behavior”. I’m beginning to understand why he’s been such an ass, at least I think I do. That’s because I have written documentation and proof, even in his own words in the emails he sent, of how he stole not only from me but from our grandmother. So I think Larry is being this way because he doesn’t want his lies to be exposed, the big false front he puts up, and he knows I know the truth, and that I’m no longer the brain damaged easily manipulated person he picked up from the hospital. So he's afraid of me and blusters to keep me away. However I'm more than willing to let it go in order to gain some semblance of a family again. It's a sticky situation.

But in the meantime we consider things we can do with a few extra dollars, things like drill a new water well and get needed farm equipment, things that will help us build a thriving farm and business. It would be nice to have some cash to take with me to Toledo because we can buy equipment up there right now at robbery prices due to the economy. But I’ve got work to do outside so that’s it for now.

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