Thursday, October 29, 2009

Found a rainbow

10/29/09 Thursday
It’s a wonderfully cool morning and the high is only expected to go to 57 or so. Don’t have time to write much but I do want to share this wonderful rainbow we found this morning. Don’t you love it when you “Find” something like a rainbow? Maybe it found me. It was working on being a triple or quadruple rainbow but didn’t quite make it. It was a huge bow so I took a video in order to get the whole thing in. Probably won’t post the video as it takes so long to upload. Today we go to UTPB’s seminar on website design.

Oh, and tomorrow (Friday) folks, I give my testimony at the He Brew coffee shop on Illinois Ave in Midland. It’s right across from the high school. Starts at 12:00 and there will be lunch available for a small fee. So that’s an invite. Come and hear what God can and does do for someone. Someone who was trying to figure out if God is there and running from Him at the same time. That was me.

Time’s a’wastin so enough chit chat. Enjoy the rainbow.
Everything went to hell fast. The old man came over to pay me and look at some wood I have so I put the dogs in, the dogs being Rascal and Trixie. Evidently they went spastic inside trying to see who was outside and trashed a whole tray of bulbs Cherie had been trying to start, dumping dirt all over the place. So that set me off, never a good thing. I called Cherie and let her know the dogs had made a mess with her bulbs and mostly ranted about them. Not what she needed to hear in the middle of her work day. So I went to write on my laptop and found that it had once again turned itself on. It refuses to go into hibernation mode and has been acting all kinds of strange for weeks now. I've restored it several times and ran the Microsoft program that digs into things. It said it found a problem that it couldn't remove and then when I ran it again it found no problem at all. So I decided to restore the computer to a much earlier time. Now the laptop won't start at all. Crap. So I must take it into the shop. More money for a used up computer that's had everything replaced, motherboard, hard drive, and screen. So it's turning into a crap day. The cold front rolled in and it's raining out. That's the only good news.

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